The death pledge:Chapter two


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Erin Pov


“Erin don’t forget to prepare for tonight’s match!!” My coach reminded me.

“Don’t worry I won’t!!” Sighing, I threw my phone into the passenger seat and turned my car toward the parking lot. All the parking seem to be claimed. Since today was Sunday, it was hard to find any empty spots.

Frustrated, I hit my steering wheel and pressed my thumb against my cheeks. I had a tough fight last night and almost broke my teeth. I hardly slept last night because of the pain. Suddenly, an empty spot caught my eyes, but there was another car who I could tell was going to try and take it. Smirking, I hit the gear and rushed toward the spot. Since I had a small car, it easily pivoted passed the other and into the parking space.

“What the hell dude?! That was my spot!!” The other car driver asked angrily, I slight my tongue toward her and locked my car.

“Well, now it’s mine!!” Laughing, I walk toward the dentist office and greet by the receptionist.

“How can I help you miss?” The receptionist asked politely.

“I have an appointment with Doctor Kim,” I replied.

“Please wait a minute. What is your name?” She asked me while looking at the register.

“Erin, Kuroda Erin”

“Ah, here it is! Please go in and lay on the reclining chair. The doctor will be arriving soon.” She smiled and bowed slightly. Giving her a quick nod, I walk into the room nervously. Since it was my first time visiting the dentist, I was a little scare.

Okay, very scare. But it’s not my fault. I mean everyone gets scared when they visit the dentist right?. Anyway, I laid on the reclining chair and stare at the ceiling. Not long after, the door open and the doctor come inside while quietly apologizing.

“I’m sorry for being late, some rude person just stole my parking spot.” Her back was faced me as she took her jacket off and wear her white coat, picking the gloves she turned around and looked at me, my eyes widened with horror

“YOU!!!” I exclaimed as her shocked face turned into a wide smirk.

“Oh, so it’s you!!” Smirking, she cracked her hand and neck. “So which of your teeth hurts?” I shook my head and hand with fear, knowing that she is about to take revenge on me.

Without warning, she grabbed my cheek with her one hand. I yelped as she put some pressure.

“Ah, here it is!” With her smirk getting wider, she tried to open my mouth, but I pressed my lips together, not giving her permission to look inside. “Come on, you stubborn..!”

I shook my head. But she is slightly stronger than me. With full force, she was able to open my mouth and put the mouth-opener in to keep me from closing my mouth.

“Now, be a good patient while I take a look inside,” she took a flashlight and looked in my mouth. “Oh, my~ it seems to be broken! I’m afraid I may have to take it out.”

“Hafhe id oud?!” I tried to say, the fear growing inside.

“Oh yes. I’ll have to pull it out~” she said with a devilish smile as she starts pinching her tweezers. “But don’t worry. It’ll only hurt just a bit.”

That’s a freaking lie, I know it! It’s gonna hurt like hell!

She holds the mirror in her left-hand magnificence and melodious drill in. “Be patient. Don’t try to move or else it will hurt more.” She advised.

I rolled my eyes and closed them tight, clenching my fist and waiting for the upcoming pain. I can hear the sound of the drill approaching my mouth. Suddenly, I remembered that she didn’t give me painkiller injection which made me panic more.

But before I can stop her, the drill was already inside my mouth making the hole and God knows what else. All I knew was it hurt, a LOT. I clenched the chair handle, trying to bear the pain, but it was useless.

At that moment, I wanted to cry like a newborn baby and apologize to her for stealing her spot. Because of the all the pain, I fell unconscious.


“Erin! Erin!” I felt a gentle slap on my cheeks. Opening my eyes I blinked adjusting the light and looked at the worried Doctor and glared at her. She gives me apology look and handed me pain-killer, taking the pain-killer I gulped in and sat up while holding my cheeks carefully.

‘That bitch gonna pay one day!!’ I glared at her. smiling at me she handed me the white paper.


“I write down the medicine that you have to take three times a day, also you can’t eat anything hard or cold, and come next Sunday for the checkup.” She smiled ignoring my deadly glare. If look can kill she would be dead right now in a horrible way.


As I was about to get up the door opened and a handsome person comes in while holding two cups of coffee.


“Hey sweetie~~” He gave charming smile enough to make any women melt. I rolled my eyes when he picked her lips and offered her a coffee.


“You don’t have to bring coffee every day!!” Dr.Kim give her shy smile.


“Coffee is just an excuse to see you every morning.” He gives her cheeky smile as she blushed. I shake my head as I make my way out. “I want to take you out tonight!!”


“Sorry honey, I can’t I have to help my mother tonight!!” replied. Sighing I closed the door and walk toward my car, I hate for stealing her spot. Now because of the pain I can’t able to fight for few days.


Heading to the pharmacy I bought the medicine wrote for me and head toward the underground training hall where all the underground boxer train their self to death, my coach was not happy about me canceling one week fights, I know that I can lose the choice of winning champion,but my health is more important.


I decided to do few light training to forget my teeth pain, after doing some warming up and weightlifting, I heard some people yelling and cheering so I decide to take a look to see who is fighting. Walking to the stadium I looked at the ring.


The fighters are standing in the ring holding their head high as the light above the ring shine their tone body. I can’t help but stare at the lady in red gloves she looks so familiar since her back is facing toward me I can’t able to see her face.


Soon the referee called both fighters in ring middle and explained the rules. After listening to the referee instructions, As the lady with red gloves turned around my eyes widened and jaw dropped. “Dr..k-Kim!!!” I rubbed my eyes to have a clear view and I was right it was her, DR.KIM. I can never forget her face.


Well, what is she doing here?? This ring doesn’t suit elegant lady like her. Anyway as the referee shout “Fight” Dr.Kim walked in the middle of the ring and gave strong punch on the other fighter face gaining loud ‘ouch’ from the coward.
As Kim continues giving her strong blow, Suddenly the other fighter jump in taking Kim by surprise and knock her head with sideway with crunching right. as other fighter is about to throw a punch at Dr, Kim she quickly dodged it she spins around and elbowed the other in her rib. The fighter groaned in pain. I smiled encouraging Dr, Kim. ‘Wait!What!? why would I want my enemy to win?’


By her look, I can tell she is a champion fighter and if she won I have to fight with her one day in the ring to become a champion.


“Senpai Kim is so cool! I wish I can be strong like her!!” Some fighter admire as they watch Kim throwing punch after punch not giving a chance to the other fighter to fight back.

Sighing I left the stadium and decide to go back home but then an evil idea popped up. Smirking I went to the restroom and waited for Dr, Kim to finish the training, after waiting for fifteen minutes she entered the room while wiping her sweat off.


Throwing the towel on the table she opened the bottle cap and gulped full bottle in one shot, wiping her mouth she throw the bottle in the garbage bin and sit on the couch.


“Did you finished helping your mother??” I asked scaring her.


“Y-You!!” Her eyes widened.


“We meet again, what a fate!!” I stated sarcastically.


“What are you doing??” She asked glaring at me. “Did you followed me all the way to just take revenge??”


I chuckled. “Do I look like that free person to you who waste their time on revenge??” I said while rubbing my strong arm showing her muscles.


Her eyes widened. “You are a fighter too??”


“No, I’m cleaner.” I laughed sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. Her phone rang clearing her throat she took out her mobile, out of the handbag and answered the call.


“Y-yes honey…Yeah, I just finished helping my mother.” She spoke in a whisper which was useless since I can hear clearly. “Don’t worry honey I will sleep early and meet you tomorrow in the park….okay….take care…love you.” Hanging up the call she picked up her clothes went to the changing room, whistling I waited for her. After changing her clothes she packed her things and rushed out trying to avoid me, smirking I followed her.


Sensing me behind her she picks up her space and rushed to her car unlocking her car she hopped in and started the engine and drove away as if the ghost was after her.


“It’s the time for the payback~” Smirking I unlocked my car and drove to my apartment. Today was the long day all I wanted to do now is have a good sleep.




Next morning I wake up early, I don’t why I feel so excited without any reason, washing my face and brushing my teeth I go out for the morning jogging this is the first time after while I wanted to jog no idea why today the weather seems nice even the sun felt so nice. It felt as I’m in love. ‘Wait!!Did I say, love? Omg, I lose my mind. What’s wrong with me?’


Facepalming I decide to head back to the apartment, but then suddenly a familiar, beautiful attractive voice hit my ears causing me to look where the voice coming from.


And there she was, resting on the cold grass and laughing at whatever joke her boyfriend had told her, I smiled at her cute and beautiful side, it suits her better than being in the ring and fighting. Smirking I walk toward her, I don’t know why whenever I see her I have the urge to annoy her.


“Hello Dr, Kimii~~~” I chirped shocking her, her color drained as she sees me approaching her. She tried to look away and ignore me but it was already too late.


“I’m surprised to see you so energetic even though you had a rough fight last night!!” I said sitting beside them as her boyfriend looked at her confused.


“Fight!!!” Her Boyfriend’s eyes widened as he looked frozen Kim.


“Eh!!You didn’t tell your boyfriend that you were playing mortal kombat at my place all night??” I smirked.


“Ah!! hahaha…y-yeah.” She laughed nervously trying to play along with me.


“Wow, I didn’t know you like playing games too??” Her boyfriend asked amused. Kim laughed nervously.


“Oh… Well, there are many things you don’t know about your girlfriend.” I smirked. Kim’s eyes widen as she gives me a warning glare.


“No way!! What else I don’t know??” Her boyfriend asked curiously.


“Well….!!” Kim continues glaring at me. “You know……..Kim like……puppies~~” I giggled causing Kim to roll her eyes and sigh in relief.

Death pledge: Chapter One


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Tina Pov


As the school bell ringed, all the student rushed toward their classes while bumping and pushing each other harshly, so they could arrive the class before their homeroom teacher.

In the middle of this fight, a lady Teacher walked carefully toward her class while holding cup of coffee in her hand, but sadly she got pushed by few student and her coffee spilled all over her chest causing her to jump around and hit Aya whose head hit the locker, groaning in pain she turned around and yelled at whoever standing behind her and to make it worse it was her worst enemy. She turned red with anger. “You bitch!!” Just like that the cat’s fight started, Aya jumped on her both fell down and rolled over the floor while pulling each other hairs.

The teacher comes out the restroom while wiping her wet shirt and looked at the fighting girl while shaking her head in disappointment, she went to her class without bothering to stop the fight.

‘What a kind of school is this?’ I thought.

The fight would be continued if the principal Kevin hadn’t come and prevented the girls from ripping each other skin.

I feel sorry for him, he is the only adult, who always tried to cease the fights. Others Teachers don’t give damn about the student.

Anyway, the students give each other final deadly glare and went to their classes.

This is an everyday routine of this school, I really hope for change and it can’t be without a good teacher.

Entering my first class I found a Teacher from the earlier standing front the fan and drying her shirt. Why is her shirt that important? Did she got from her boyfriend or what.

Rolling my eyes I went to my seat and took my books out and placed them on the table.

Soon the class filled with annoying students, the teacher were writing today’s lesson on the board without saying anything. I don’t understand why did she even become a teacher when she has no interesting in the student.

Sighing, I looked outside through the window and for some odd reason I feel like skipping the class, so agreeing with my heart I quietly sneaked out the class and left the school.

Taking the headphone out I stuffed them into my ear and start listening some remix song to cool my mind and make my toward the unknown road, to lose on my own I didn’t notice where I’m heading to until I found myself middle of the forest.

I have never been here before, and I don’t even remember seeing any forest close the school, how far actually I had come.

Not knowing what to do I decide to turn around and follow my step back, I continue walking not knowing if I’m going on right path or wrong, but my heart keeps telling me to continue my step.

After few minutes of walking an abounded wooden house come to the view. And for some odd reason my heart telling me to take look inside of it.

Entering abounded house is dangerous, especially when you have no idea what is waiting for you inside. But something was forcing me to go inside.

I try to ignore the feeling but it was getting stronger as I got closer to the wooden house, I really wanted to go inside. Ceasing the song I took out the headphone and put them in my pocket and looked around for something that I can for defense just in case if there is something dangerous inside.

My eyes landed on the thick wooden stick, which was good enough to injury someone, picking the wooden stick I carefully creak open the wooden door and covered my face as the dust fall down.

Fanning myself with the hand I avoided the dust and walked inside as my eyes wandered around.

The house was full of the dust and broken pieces of the woods, there wasn’t much stuff inside, only one wooden chair and table in the middle of the house.

Approaching the table I found a box on it. Putting the stick down I cleaned the dust off the box with my shirt sleeve and opened the box. Inside the box, I found a notebook and cast inside. Picking the notebook and cast I put it inside my bag and walked out since there was nothing much inside the house.

I walked toward my home since it’s getting late and the school probably has ended.


While fidgeting with my fingers I watched my mother cooking dinner. Just like every day, she would ask me how did my school went, did anything new happen or I make the new friend.

Since I’m the shy person I only have one friend Erin who is also quiet and a lone person like me, we aren’t popular like other kids. Neither I have any interesting in becoming popular.

I don’t have any future dream, I just want to graduate and get the normal job and live the normal life, Boring right?

After eating dinner I helped my mother little with chores and then I went to my room and took a hot bath. Since I don’t feel like sleeping early, I decide to finish my homework.
Taking my school bag I opened it and the dairy comes to the view. Taking it out I decide to read it and find out what it is about.

Wiping the dust off the book I opened it and start reading it.

Before you start reading this diary I want you to know whatever is written in this diary it is based on true story.

Okay, I flipped the next page and got shocked by the writer name.

My name is Atsuko Tine and this my story.

WHAT THE HELL. This is my name!!! and I don’t remember writing this diary, okay maybe there is a chance for someone else to have the same name as mine. I continue reading.

I had a friend and her name is Matsui Taro and she is a writer.

Wait, what!!! Matsui Taro is the name of my English teacher!!

And she is always interested in writing something new.
But one day she all of sudden disappeared without telling me anything, even though she used to share everything with me, I got very worried and thought to look for her, but before going she told me she is going out for some business that’s why I decide to wait patiently for her.

After two months later she comes back, looking anguish and depressed, I wanted to know what happens, where did she go to, But I let it go.

After coming back she got busy with her writing and after one and a half year later she published her book, Which is weird because she never publishes her work, she only writes and saves it as the draft. But this time she published her book, and within months her book got on the top ten list.

Four months later again she disappeared all of sudden without telling anything to anyone and she got back with the same look and canceled her book without telling anyone reason behind it.

She ceased writing and shifted into the village. Time passed, and I didn’t saw her much because of my work. Then after 5 years later she comes to my house and informs me that her friend is in trouble and she going to help her, and then she disappeared and never got back.

After three years of her disappearing, I decided to look for her and the first thing I did was to look for her friend whom she went to help for.

Her friend name was Sakura Molk who was the daughter of the famous pianist Watanabe Sakura.

My eyes widened again at the familiar name. Molk is my classmate and her mother Sakura is our Pianist teacher. Seriously what’s going on, is this story really written by me?

As I continued reading the diary my mother knocked on the door startling me.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?It’s getting late.!!” She pointed to the clock

I’m sleeping right now!!” I replied closing the diary and laying on the bed, my mother kissed my forehead and walked out shutting the light and the door.

Closing my eyes I tried to sleep but I can’t able to sleep, fifteen minutes of rolling and changing the position I threw the blanket off. turned on the night lamp on and opened the diary, wrapping a blanket over my body I continue reading.

As soon I got her address I rushed toward her house and start banging on her door not caring its midnight. Sleepily she opened the door looking pissed and glared at me.

“Are you Sakura Molk?” I asked ignoring her glare.

“Yes!!” She replied angrily.

“I’m Tina!!” I introduced myself, she rolled her eyes. “Taro’s friend.” As soon her name left my lips she frozen. “I saw you getting out of her house on that day, she also told me before disappearing that she is going to help you!Would you kindly tell me where is she??”

After thinking for while she nodded her head and stepped aside letting me in.

“Would you like to drink anything?” She asked walking to the kitchen.

“I’m not here to eat or drink anything,” I replied sitting on the sofa as she boils the water to make tea even though I rejected her, maybe she needs to ready herself so she can tell me whatever happened to them.

As the tea got ready she poured it on the cup and placed them on the table front me and sat on the sofa. I give her all my attention as I stared at her waiting for her to start talking.

Taking the first sip she started talking. “Whatever I’m going to tell you will probably shock you and…..!!”

“Just cut the crab and tell me what happened!!” I cut her.

Clearing her throat she asked. “Have you read Night Shade book??” I nodded. Night Shade was a first and last book that Taro published.

“Whatever she wrote in that book was real!!”

“What!! I didn’t understand!!” I asked.

“When she was having block writer few of her friend suggested her to travel Nightshade kingdom they were joking but Taro took it seriously and she really did travel there and whatever happened there she wrote in that book.”

At first, I thought she is making the fake story and hiding real reason behind Taro disappearance, she probably had killed her for some odd reason or did other horrible things to her.

“Four years ago my mother disappeared without informing me anything, I did my best to look for her, I reported to the police, send search after her but I can’t able to find her or anything clue about her.

disappointedly I went to her room to find any kind of clue.
and surprisingly I never imagined my mother would have a secret room, it was hidden behind her closet and it took my two weeks to find it.

And when I entered her secret room, there I found all the information about the NightShade Kingdom, it seems like my mother have been searching for the Nightshade Kingdom since while she had all kind of photo hanged on her wall about Nightshade kingdom. Especially Taro books and her private picture my mother was watching her ever since she wrote her first book.

I got very confused at my mother, what could she want from the Nightshade Kingdom and from Taro, and for that, I decided to read her book. At first, it looked more like your everyday fictional story but after looking at my mother research I knew it was more than just a story.

Therefore without having any other thought, I went out to look for NightShade book Author and when I found her I asked her help.” Molk drank her tea and placed the cup on the table. ” and as expected she rejected me, so I decide to go there alone, with the help of her book, and it took me two a week to arrive the blood river…”

While reading I didn’t realize when I fall asleep, at morning my mother woke me up saying how I’m getting late for school.

Quickly I took shower brushed my teeth ate my breakfast and run to the school. Arriving the school I saw all the student running toward their classes just like always. walking toward my locker I took my book and headed toward my class and found my English teacher drying her clothes again did she got spilled by coffee again?

Shaking my head I sat on my seat and steal a glance at Molk who was reading the random book. I wonder if I really wrote that dairy, who knows maybe I wrote this dairy in my past life since this dairy is 20 years older so there is no way I would born in 1960.

This dairy sure is a mystery. Because even if I take it as a normal story how I’m gonna explain character name, maybe it would be magic dairy just like the one Harry Potter got in the bathroom, shall I try to write something on it to see f it replies me?

Ughh!!What is going on? Am I dreaming or got cursed or possessed or I have become mental. Would someone can explain me. Oh, right I forget about dairy maybe if I read the dairy I would get my answer.

As the teacher got busy in teaching I took the dairy out of my bag and hide it behind the book and start reading it.

Arriving at the end of the blood river I found Taro waving at me while smiling widely. “You are late!!” She complained while helping me getting into the large rock.

“It’s your fault for not writing the exact location in the book!!”

“Well if I wrote location than many people able to find it so that’s why I didn’t write the exact location.” She explained while packing her things. “Let’s go we have to cross the path before night.”

“What!! I’m tired as hell lemme rest little.” I complained.

“You can rest once we are inside the Nightshade Kingdom.” Grabbing my hand she starts dragging me toward the cave, having no choice I decide to put all my energy and continue the journey.

Once we reached the cave the beautiful smell hit our nostril, it was so sweet and relaxing. Turning our flashlight on we walked inside the cave since it was silence and dark inside Taro decide to tell her story.

“After getting back from the nightshade Kingdom I felt very anguish, the human world wasn’t interesting for me anymore I wanted to go back but I can’t, knowing Queen Akira doesn’t trust me, I tried to move on but failed after six months later Shawn and Jori come to my place asking for help. The hunter destroyed the portal and to create a new one they needed help from Fairy Queen, So with them, I went to the Fairy Land which belongs to the east of the NightShade Kingdom.

At first, I doubted them, at why would they want me to go with them since I’m just human, I don’t own any kind of power to help them, but ignoring those negative thoughts I went with them, and that was my second biggest mistake I ever committed in my all life.” She sighed deeply as those painful memories flashed over her eyes.

Soon we come at the end of the cave, taking a final breath I walked out the cave and fall on the ground.

Shaking her head Taro sits beside me as her eyes wandered around, we were middle of the burned wood if I remember clearly, this land belongs to fire dragon who guard this place and kill anyone who doesn’t belong to the NightShade Kingdom.

Suddenly we heard loud thumb voice as the ground trembled. Turning my head I looked behind and saw dragon sniffing the ground rising his head his eyes meet mine causing my face to drain the color.

Reaching my hand into my pocket I took the digger out just in case if he captures it I will use it as defense and stood up in running position but the dragon spoke to us.

“Hey, you come back?It’s been while I thought I won’t able to see you anymore!!” I remember reading in Taro book that the dragon attacked her, but here he is talking with her like they are long lost friends.

“Yeah, I’m back again sorry that you have to see my face again.” Taro forced smile she seems surprised too.

“Nah, don’t apologize actually I was hoping to see you, I missed you!!.” Dragon stated in childish voices. “Since you are here would you like to ride on my back?” He offered.

Taro blinked confusedly. “What? No way I don’t want to become your food!!”

“Food???Oh. No.No, you must be mistaken since I tried to eat you the first time. That was because I saw you for the first time and it is my duty is to kill anyone who doesn’t belong to this Kingdom. But now it’s different you are part of this kingdom you are our hero.” The dragon smiled proudly. “I would like to become your pet.” He giggled. which was cute even though he is a deadly monster.

“Hey stop praising me I will cry!!” Taro joked hitting his large paw gently which he probably didn’t feel.

Smiling we accepted his offer and sat on his back, jerking his wings he flew high in the sky, causing us to scream loudly. Th wind blew our hair back as we tightened our grip as he flew higher.

It was scary but fun at the same time. Never in my life, I imagined I would be ridding on the dragon, for some reason I wish to spend my rest of life like that riding on the dragon instead of cars and trains.

Taro was right when she said once you enter NightShade kingdom you wish to live there forever.

After the beautiful ride we landed on the Werewolf land, there we meet Shawn who was shocked yet happy at the same time to see us. We ate lunch and take little bit rest, the night fall soon.
The sky looks very beautiful here you can all kind of shining stars and even shooting star, we human didn’t get much chance to enjoy nature because of our busy life, the night was so relaxing, you can feel cozy wind blowing and cricket chirping, there were other animals sound too which I never heard before and undescribable.


Taro and Shawn were sitting front the fire and talking about some stuff, they looked sad and worried, I walked closer to them so I can hear their conversation.

“Queen Akira wouldn’t be happy seeing you here.!!” Shawn stated.

“I know but I can’t bring myself to forget, it’s very hard,” Taro complained while playing with the wooden stick.

Shawn sighed. “I understand your feeling, beside you aren’t the only one who is suffering, I’m suffering too. But I have no choice but to accept my fate.”

Taro gives him sad smile. “I know, that’s why I come here, to clear everything.”

“Clear what??” Shawn asked curiously. Taro just gives him forced smile and looked at the moon. “Clear what exactly!!!” Shawn asked raising his voice little. Avoiding his gaze Taro pretend to be interesting to the moon.
“I hope you don’t do something stupid.” Saying this Shawn stood up and walked inside the forest.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked while sitting beside Taro.

“When we went to the FairyLand to take the patrol key there he met his soulmate Aya who was Fairy Queen daughter.

In the Fairyland, there is a rule to ask only one thing, and Shawn have to choose one thing between his soulmate and portal key, that was the hardest choice he ever had made, he gives up on his love life for his kingdom.” Taro angrily stabbed the wood inside the fire.

“Why does he have to ask for his soulmate hand?I mean they are meant for each other right?” I asked.

Taro nodded in agreement. “Yeah but Fairy Queen hates the Nightshade Kingdom for some reason, and I think she was trying to take advantage of him, she probably thought he will choose his soulmate, and if he did the Nightshade portal will be closed forever and no one can leave or get inside the kingdom. But sadly her plan failed.”

Before I can ask any further question the dinner was ready and we have to get inside, eat the dinner and go to sleep. Since we have a long way to go.

Next morning Shawn woke us, we took shower, put on some nice cloth and eat our breakfast, I felt so refreshed, finally, after two weeks later I get the warm bed to sleep hot water to shower and nice food to eat it felt so heavenly.

“Good luck on your mission.” Shawn wished us.

Smiling Taro give him long hug as if it were their last hug. “Take care of yourself. ” She advised and broke the hug Shawn patted her head.

“You too!!” Nodding her head she headed toward the forest.

Giving Shawn goodbye smile I asked a question which I was dying to ask since last night.”Is there any way for you to be with Aya?”

He shook his head disappointedly”Not in this life, but I promised to her that in next life I will become her personal butler and be with her forever.”

Closing my dairy I looked at the Shawn who were polishing Aya nails, another character name appeared. Don’t know why but my chest tightened.
I felt as I got possessed by the dairy If the story about Shawn and Aya is true and they really weren’t able to be together in the past and Shawn had gotten another chance to be in her life.

Then I bit they should be together, but the way they are acting toward each other and Aya being a bitch to Shawn doesn’t end their love story perfectly, Shawn probably hate her, and Aya is stupid enough to not realize Shawn Love for her. Or did they even love each other? I thought curiously.

Sighing I looked at the dairy and back at them. If this dairy really wrote by me, then I should complete the story with a happy ending even though I hate Aya I have to help her for the sake of the dairy and Shawn sacrificed in the past Life he sure had suffered too much and that pain needed to be ceased and I will stop it. For the first time in my life, I wanted to achieve something so badly and that was to bring both of them together and finish the dairy with happy ending


Everything is fine: Final Chapter


Nao POV 

When we were younger, we used to do many dangerous things. Stealing drugs was one of them. It was our first and last biggest crime ever. After stealing it from Mr. Kikuchi, we hid it in our school, because it was the only safe place at that time. We decided to take them out once we got older and we were gonna sell them and get rich. But everything turned upside down when our friends changed their minds and some of them even disappeared to only God knows where. I tried to contact all of them, but none of them come in contact with me.

So I decided to get all the drugs alone. Everything was going as I planned, but soon, everything changed. Since Kumi became a teacher, knowing she may have had the same goal as mine, I started to search for the drugs so I can own all of them. Because she was the only one who remembered the drugs’ location. But I spent three weeks digging at the workplace. It’s all Ruka’s fault for changing and rebuilding classes. God knows what the reason behind it was. 

The drugs came into Taro’s hands somehow. How did she find them and how did she even know it’s place? I forgot she was the second person who knows every corner of this school. How I forget that?! Today, I saw them taking the drugs out with their perfect plan. Angrily, I decided to destroy all of them.

Kumi used to be an old friend, and I know everything about her, so I decided to make her my target and in some way, I thought to get those drug in custody of the police, so I can steal it from there.

I walked into Kumi’s office with a smirk and entered without knocking the door. 

“Hey! I was looking for you!!”

“Whats is it??” Kumi asked without looking at me as her eyes focus on the laptop.

“I saw your student at the old library, I bet the principle warned them for going there .” i said with smirk gaining her full attention. 

“What??’ Standing up she closed her laptop and walked outside, rushing toward the library.

 Smirking I headed toward Sakura office, knocking her door lightly I enter with smile and approached her table.

“How can I help you??” She asked polity.

“You can’t!!” I Whispered confusing her. “Actually I want to tell you about something important.”

“Yes, I’m listening.”She said giving me her full attention.

Taking a envelope out of my jacket I put it on the table front her. “Here is truth about Kumi, and if you still don’t believe it you can find her at the old library.”

“What are you talking about?” Sakura asked confused while picking the envelope and opening it, the pic and paper fall down on the table, she picked the photo and stared at them with shocked expression.

Her eyes filled with pain and hurt as she looked at the paper,where all the Kumi information had written. Biting her lips she tried to control her tears and placed everything in her handbag and rushed outside towards the old library probably looking for Kumi.
Smirking I walked outside and sat at the garden watching Jori and Mori taking the staff toward the food truck, those bitches will. growling I take out then phone and dialed police number informing them about the hidden drug at Yui house. standing up from my seat I walked toward my car but stopped as I saw crying Sakura running toward her car as Kumi were following her like lost puppy,poor them. 

Sakura pov 

I was thinking about Kumi and our moment together when suddenly Noa entered my office and handed me envelope which had all the information about kumi and her childhood photo and her birth certificate. My eyes widened in horror as the memory of my father death appeared. With my shaky hands I gathered my stuff and run upstairs to the old library, arriving the library I clenched my shirt and tiptoed toward the hidden hole, closing my eyes I took deep breath and entered the hole but regarded as soon my eyes laid at Kumi who were holding drug bag and clothes were filled with drug powder.
I can’t believe it.”Kumi how can you do this to me?” I Whispered in broken voice.
“Sakura what’s wrong?” Kumi asked confused. Stepping backward, I run off toward my car. I can hear Kumi footsteps behind me, speeding up I unlocked my car and hopped in locking the door from inside, so kumi won’t able to open the door. Starting my car I drove to my house, I can’t stay here anymore.
How come I never notice her name, even though her name were only thing i had in my mind all these years. Why life have to be that cruel?Why it have to be her?

I hit the steering wheel angrily as my tears fall of. Arriving the house I stopped my car front the door and hopped out. 

Taking my handbag and envelope I unlocked the main door as I was about to enter I saw Kumi car pulled in and parked behind my car. 
Entering my house I left the door open and took nt shoes off. Throwing my stuff in the table I walked to my father room that were closed since years.
Opening the door I walked in and took the gun out off one of his drawer and pointed at the kumi who were already inside the room and staring at my father photo with widen eyes. Gulping she turned her head and glanced at me then at the gun.
“Why??” I whisper-yelled. “Why did you killed him?”
Flinching she licked her dry lip. “S-Sakura!! I…..I didn’t meant it!!” She stepped closer. “It……It was mistake!I didn’t knew it was him when I shoot him!!”
“Liar!!Don’t try to fool me!!”I glared while reloading gun with my shaky hand.
“Sakura!!Please believe me!!It’s truth, I never wanted to kill him!!” Her eyes watered. “It was night and the place were dark, so when he suddenly appeared front us I thought he is one of Yakuza member so I shoot him, but when I saw his it was too late, even though I can help him I can’t cause I was scared and coward so I run away leaving him

.” Kumi kneeled down as she started crying. “I’m sorry!!!Please forgive me!!I didn’t wanted to kill him!!I never wanted to shoot him!!He was good person and wanted to help us but I never listened to him!!” She continue apologizing while crying. 
I closed my eyes letting tear to slide off my cheeks and drop on the floor. clenching the gun I pointed the gun on her head and tried to push the trigger.But my finger trembled.
I waited years for this moment, every day and night I dreamed for this moment, I wanted to kill my father with his gun so I can take his revenge from her, all these she was the only I had on my mind. Right now when finally my dream had come true, and she is sitting front me, and I’m holding gun full with bullet I can’t shoot her and fillfull my wish. Because I loved her. I fall in love with my father killer. Never in my life I dream to kill the person love. Slowly I dropped my hand and throw the gun on the floor, and outside leaving her there.


Mori Pov 

Today was no different than any other day.As usuall getting out the bed doing usual rutian and after eating breakfast walking toward the school and finding Jori staring out throw the window as usual. What a boring day.
Well that’s before I got surprise call from Jori doctor who said they found donor and she have to come right now so they can operation her soon as possible. I can never be happier than hearing this today, I wanted to scream and run around as mad person which I did. 
Jori just shook her head while watching me going crazy. I felt happiest person on the world. Smiling widely I hugged jori and without noticing I confessed my feeling to her which of course shocked her but she didn’t replied and continue staring me. ignoring her I kissed her cheek and dragged her to the hospital.
All the way Jori stayed quite she hadn’t said anything which is weird. 

Maybe she is worried about Kahi and her mother, I’m worried too but Jori healthy is most important.
 Arriving the hospital we did some important check up before the operation, I was nervous and very worried, but didn’t let it Jori to know that because I have to be strong for her and stay with her and support her if she got scared.

After three hour of waiting the operation time finally come. Giving gently squeeze to Jori hand I encouraged her. she replied me with small smile and walked toward the operation room with nurse.
Sighing I sat in the waiting and start praying. I was scared and many negative thought start to bother me, trying to avoid the negative thought I decide to roam around the hospital so the time can pass fast.
Passing the few rooms I drank a water and decide to take fresh air, but as I was about to walk to the elevator a tag name on the patient room caught my eyes, approaching the room I pushed open the door and entered the room. I gasped at the sight of Principle Ruka lying on the bed unconscious. The machine beeped as she breather. 
What happened to her?she were doing fine yesterday. It’s weird seeing her here. I mean she were healthy and fine till yesterday, but now she is lying here and fighting for her life. 
I walked out of the room while wondering about her and saw Neechan standing not far from me and reading a paper while crying. I approached her and tried to ask her what’s wrong but she ignored me and walked away. 
What’s wrong with everyone, sighing I was about walk to the waiting room but then suddenly operation room opened and the nurse come out dragging on the hospital bed and passed by me. I assume it was the person who gave Jori donor. I prayed for who it is and went to the waiting room.

After waiting three hour impatiently the operating finally over, the doctor come out while taking his glove and mask off, smiling her looked me and said. “The operating succeed, she is fine and resting right now, she will able to wake up tomorrow.” 
Breathing relief and bowing my head and thanked doctor nonstop.Smiling he patted my head and left. The nurse took Jori back to her room and left us alone, she were sleeping peacefully, and looked cute, I smiled remembering the first day I saw her sleeping in the class. Gently brushing her hair off I kissed her forehead and cheeks and hold her warm hand creating circle I kissed her hand and hold her toward my cheeks feeling her warmth. I stayed like till I fall asleep.

Next morning I wake up with gentle tap on my shoulder, opening my eyes I smiled and snuggled closer to Jori, Who chuckled lightly and stroked my hair.

“Did you stayed here all night?” She asked while stroking my head. I nodded not bothering to speak. 
“Mori??” She called my name softly causing my heart to beat. I loved the way she call my name, It’s heart catching. “I love you too!!” 
My head jolted up as I stared at her widely. I mean I never accepted her to say this to me. Reaching her hand she stroked my cheeks gently. “Will you be my girlfriend?”   
I opened my mouth trying to find a word but closed it again when found none. I mean I’m shocked as hell I didn’t accept her to ask me out.”I…. Would love too!!”I replied shuttering. She giggled and peaked my lips.

My eyes widened as I touched my lips and stared at her, who just smirked at me. Oh god!!I can’t believe it!!I feel as going to die with happiness. I can’t be happier than all this surprise. I feel as today is my lucky day ever.

Suddenly her phone ringed ruining our moment, I groaned as Jori smiling and kissed my cheeks and replied her phone.
“Hello!!!” She replied while staring at me and smiling, but suddenly her smile turned into shocked expression, her hand clenched the phone as tear threatened to fall, she started breathing heavily. 
“Jori!!!Jori!!What’s wrong?Are you okay?” I asked worriedly as I shaked her body, but she stayed quiet and closed her eyes, clenching the bed sheet she breathed heavily.
Angrily she throwed her cell phone on the wall breaking it into pieces, pulling her hair she cried and cried, I didn’t know what happened but I hugged letting her cry on my shoulder. Watching her like this broke my heart. I can’t believe how can happiest turn into saddest moment, and here I thought today is my lucky day.
Once she calmed down she spoke. 

“Taro….is gone!!”
My heart stopped for moment as I looked at her. 

“W-What you mean??” I hoped it’s not what i’m thinking.
“Ruka killed her!!”


Neechan POV 

I was resting in my room when I got call from Taro lawyer asking me to come to the hospital hurry. I don’t know what happened but my heart start to beat fast, and I felt that something bad probably had happened, and I was right. 
When I arrived hospital I saw Taro lifeless body lying on the hospital bed. My eyes widened with horror. stepping closer I touch her hand, it were cold as ice and hard as rock. I back away feeling scared not believing whatever is happening.

Swallowing my lumb I looked at Taro lawyer who were staring at another room.Walking toward it I saw Ruka lying unconscious on the bed.
“She fall into coma!!”
“How??” I asked absolutely shocked.
“After finding out that Taro is her daughter she can’t take the shock when Sae shoot Taro front her, she tried to stop him it was already later.” She explained looking down at the floor. 
“W-What??Taro is her daughter?” I asked trying to take all this shocking news. I don’t know if I can handle all of them and not freak out.

The lawyer nodded. “Sky took her after Ruka gave birth to her, she didn’t wanted Ruka to suffer so she take care of Taro and raised her.”
 Glancing at Taro I continue stare at her, without realizing the tears stormed out, wiping the tear off I tried to stay strong.
“Miss!!Taro last wish was to give her liver to her best friend Jori!!You have grant her wish.
“Okay!!” I nodded. “I leave rest to you!!” I said sighing on the paper and giving handing it to the lawyer. She bowed and handed me envolve.
“Taro wanted me to give you this!!” I raised brow as I took it from her hand and stared at it.
“On the day when she took all the drug out off the school!!” I nodded and walked out the room and sitting on the chair I opened the envelope and start reading it.
Dear Neechan
Forgive me for leaving you alone at this cruel world, I didn’t meant it but I didn’t had choice, I hope my death have some whining, I don’t know how and why I died but I hope my death stop ruka and bring happiness in everyone life.
Today at the morning I start to had weird feeling, I felt as If i’m gonna meet my sister Sayanee and Jurina soon, I don’t know why I feel this so I decide to do right thing.
I want to apologize to you first of all, I’m sorry Neechan, because of my your life ruined and you didn’t able to achieve your dream. Forgive fo coming into your life and taking your place, I know how much you hate me and you have right to hate me. and I forgive you for sending that bitch to kill me, even though the stap hurted like hell but it make realize something important I thank you for that.

Also before I say goodbye I left I left school deed inside the envelope, and the deed is in your name.Now Ruka are no longer owner of the school but you are. I’m leaving the school in your hand, please take care of it and make it better than any school in the japan.
Wish you nothing but good for you.
Your friend Taro kikuchi” 

Without realizing the tear stormed off my eyes as I cried while clenching the paper. I closed my eyes and took deep breath, holding myself, I run out the hospital and sat in my car driving it toward the Sae house.
in Few minutes I arrived his house, taking the gun out of my pant I stormed inside and entered his room while pointing the gun on him.

raising his head he looked at me then at the gun and smirked. “Really?Now you are planning to kill your brother?”

“Brother?” I chuckled dryly. “You are not my brother you are evil!!” I yelled angrily.

He laughed while getting up and walking toward the huge window. “So what if i’m evil?It’s not being evil is crime!!”
“How dare you!!!” I gritted my teeth angrily. “How dare you kill your own daughter!!!”I yelled.
“She was the one who can broke Ruka which she did!!” He laughed.
“I can’t believe it!! You knew it she was you daughter before Ruka!!”

“Yeah I did!!Sky told e about it and asked me to take care of her but I rejected her.” He chuckled. “Now everyone is gone, my way is clean and I can take what is mine without any problem.” He smirked victoriously.
“No!!You are wrong!!”I whispered. “Your way was never clean!!” Saying this I empty my gun at him, and walked out and hopped in my car, starting the engine I drove far away from his house and then switched the button on exploding his house.


Mori pov 

“I can’t believe she is gone!!” Aya whispered while staring at Taro pic, today was her funeral.

“Neither do I!!” I replied as while biting my lower lips controlling my tears. Everyone were here, even Ruka who were sitting on the wheel chair, I feel sorry for her. Even though she was the one who ordered Sae to kill her. 
None of us wanted things to be end like this. Jori have quite and hadn’t spoken word. I know she is broken, she lost her only friend, I only how it feel losing your best friend, I tried my best to stay strong for the sake of Jori, I didn’t wanted to leave her alone 

Suddenly my mobile vibrated. taking it out I looked at the screen and found one unread message from Taro. My eyes widened. Opening the message I read it.
“I hope i didn’t scared you!!I mean I know how scary it is to get message from dead person, but don’t worry I send that message on the day we supposed to take the drug out. Well I just wanted to say. Good luck on your love life. Hope you and Jori get along well and get married soon, please take care of her she is really nice person.
You know after one year later she gained her smile back and that’s because of you, so I want to keep that smile forever, I’m leaving her in your hand. Thank you for coming into our life, I will never forget you.” Breathing shakily I closed my eyes but got startled when my mobile vibrated again. There was another message from Taro.
“I forget to answer you, stupid me. Yes Mori I accept to become your friend!!” 


Baka!! Looking at Taro smiling photo I remembered my first day on the school when I asked Taro to be my friend. Wiping my tears I bid her goodbye and left the ceremony.


One year later

“I can’t believe we graduated!!” I said happily as me and Jori were buying some warm clothe since the winter is coming.
“Don’t be happy there is college and university waiting for us!!” Jori replied while looking in the mirror checking the coat she choosed.
“Who cares about it!!I bet it will pass too and then we will get a job and get marry and then have small family!!” I said dreaming happily. Jori shock her head and put the coat back. 
“None of them look better on me.” Jori groaned
Grining I hugged her from behind and kissed her shoulder. “That’s because you look better without them!!”
“Hey you two get room!!” I heard familiar voice said, turning my head I looked at the Shawn waved at them smiling widely.
“What are you guys doing here?” I asked approaching them
“Buying food!!” Aya replied rolling her eyes.
“But nobody sell food here, this is cloth shop!!” I replied confused.
“Exactly that’s why we come here to buy some food!!”Shawn replied causing Jori to Aya laugh.
“So when the coming?” Jori asked.
“Soon!!” Aya smiled. 
“I can’t believe you guys are married!!” I said touching Aya belly trying to listen baby movement.
“And We can’t believe you guys are dating!!” Shawn said.
“Well thats…..!!”
“Omg!! You guys are here too!!” We heard another excited voice. Turned around we looked at Churi who were waving at us while smiling widely. we waved back.
“Hey there??” She greeted while holding Michael hand. That right Michael and Churi getting married next month, how lucky. I’m happy for them finally they can be together without any problem.
“Nice to see you again!!” Shawn said.
“Nice to see you two too!!Between what you guys doing here?” 
Buying food!!” We replied in unison.

“Eh!!But that’s cloth shop!!” Churi scratched her head. 
“Exactly!!” We replied in unison.
“So when you two getting married?” Aya nudged my shoulder teasingly. I fake smiled.
“When she will purpose me!!” Rolling My eyes I walked away.

This year have been very hard for everyone, so many things happened, I’m happy that i transferred to this city I love being here, but sometimes it hurt whenever think about the past. But all of us had moved on or trying to move, Jori isn’t cold and quite like before. She is opening up to me slowly,slowly our relationship is going great. And I’m having her in my life. Shawn and Aya expecting their child soon and Michael and Churi getting married and most surprisingly thing is NeeChan and Akira are dating.
I know it weird but they kinda get along well since they have same interesting, NeeChan is now owner of the school, and she trying her best to make this school best over the japan, Ruka is well still in hospital. She is recovering little but still Taro death is still hunting her, but she trying her best to move on.
Kahi had got her mother out of the jail with help of my mom of course and all the blame goes to the Nao that bitch hope will suffer in the jail.
All of us are having better life or we trying to make it better.No matter how d time we are having we should never lose hope and stay strong someday we probably will have better life.


Normal Pov

“Hey!!” Kumi greeted Sakura who ignored her as always and focused on her work, Sakura had left school and opened small melon-pan bakery. 
“How are you?” Kumi asked trying to start conversation but as always Sakura ignored her continue making melon-pan.
Sighing Kumi took few Melon-pan and start munching on it. “Today school was really boring, you know there is girl who always annoy me…..” and just like always she start telling her about her day. Sakura didn’t replied to even try to glance at Kumi as always. 
But that didn’t stop her from talking. she continued her story till the night fall and Sakura closed her shop and walked toward her house while being followed by Kumi.
Since that day Kumi did her best to get Sakura back, it become very hard to live without Sakura.She missed her so much, she wish to hold her kiss her and make love to her all night.
Arriving the house Sakura unlocked the door and she was about to enter the house when she felt Kumi hugged her from behind and kissed her neck gently.
Sakura!!” She whispered causing Sakura to gasp.
“Till when you gonna ignore me?” She asked kissing her earlobe. Sakura breath hitched “I miss you,and I know you miss me too.” Kumi hold her hand and rubbed her them. “please give me another chance!!” She pleaded. 
Sighing Sakura break the hug and walked inside leaving kumi just like always.
groaning Kumi pulled her hair angrily, she was about to walk away but noticed that Sakura left the door open unlike before she didn’t close the door. Rising brow Kumi grinning and enter the house, taking her shoes she walked to Sakura’s room, she heard shower turned on. Scratching her head she thought if it’s okay for her to enter or nor, after spending three minutes she decide to enter, taking her clothes off gulping she walked inside the bathroom and found Sakura back faced to her, stepping in the shower she gently hugged Sakura and kiss 

kissed her shoulder blade, trailing the kiss she kissed and sucked her neck, Sakura moaned. turning around she hungrily captured Kumi lips with her, and touched her all over feeling her body, after what felt like hour they broke the kissed and tried to catching their breath.
“I love you!!” Kumi whisperer.
“I love you too!!!”


Three year later.

“I can’t believe this is my school!! Neechan dreamily spoked while staring at the building. 
Akira rolled her eyes.”Stop being so emotional!!”
“Oh come on!!It’s truth!!”
“You have no idea how much this school mean to me!!” Neechan smiled.
Akira glared. “More than me??”
“Hmm….of course not you meant world to me, but this school also mean to much!!” Neechan smiled but her smiled turn into yelp when flying football hit her head. “Who the hell…!!” She stopped when her eyes landed at the beautiful girl who were giving her apologize look.
“Sorry ma’am!!” Apologizing she took her football and about to run away but Neechan grabbed her arm.
“Hey!” She smiled. “What is your name?” She asked being polite. 
“Why you asking?” The girl replied.
“Well, because you remind of someone!!” Neechan spoke staring at the girl.
Rolling her eyes the girl snatched her hand back. “I don’t talk with stranger, especially creepy one like you!!What are you a kidnapped??”

Neechan jaw dropped.”Wow you are rude just like her!!”

“Weirdo!!” Glaring at her the girl walked to her way but Neechan stopped her again.

“At least tell me your name??” Neechan asked with hope. “Please!!”

“Why you want to know my name??” The girl asked.
“Just like that!!” 
“Okay!!Since you are beautiful i’m going to tell you my name!!” The girl smirked.
‘Wah! I can’t believe even little girl knows how to flirt.’ Neechan rolled her eyes.
“My name is Taro!!” saying this the girl run away.


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Everything is fine Chapter Eleven



Taro’s hand moved in slow motion as she circled around, toying with the gun in her left hand while holding the steering wheel with the right. Her gaze glared at the empty road as she sped up her car. Clenching the steering wheel, she exhaled heavily. Her chest tightened at the thought of taking Ruka’s life; she never thought this day would ever become, she never wanted things to end up like this.
Even though she hated Ruka, she never wanted to end her life. She hoped for Ruka to change and become a good person, but she was wrong. Very wrong. She didn’t know anything about love and how it feels. The only thing she knew is that Kahi loves her enough to sacrifice her life for Taro, and she did. She never blamed Taro for it. Instead, she smiled and pat her shoulder, saying everything will be fine, which was all just a lie and she knew it.

Nothing will be fine; she knows this better than anyone. She can’t let Ruka destroy any more lives. She already had destroyed too many. Heck, she didn’t leave anyone alone. She has to stop her. Even if it meant destroying her own life.
She held the steering wheel with both hands as the school comes into view. As she stopped in front of the building, just then, everything happened in a flash as a huge truck slammed into her car from behind. The glass windshields shattered, glass flying everywhere.

Taro wasn’t able to react as her body crashed harshly, hitting the window and flying down, hitting the asphalt road hard. She found herself unable to move and felt pieces of glass piercing her flesh as burning pain raged through her nerves. Her blood leaked out from her clothes and was splattered against the road, she could only watch as a man got out of his truck and walked towards her.
Moving her fingers slowly, she raised her face lightly, trying to take a good look at the approaching person. Smirking, he pointed the gun at her, reloading his gun.

“Goodbye!!” He whispered.

Closing her eyes, Taro let out a weak sigh and welcomed her death.


A few weeks ago…


After getting the address to Sae’s location, Ruka put on her coat and took her gun from the table, hiding it inside her handbag. Putting her shoes on, she was about to walk out when someone knocked on the door.

Walking toward the door, she opened it and raised a brow at her unknown guest.

“How can I help you?”

Smiling politely, Yui stepped in, causing Ruka to step aside, inviting Yui in.

“There is something I want from you,” Yui gently spoke while walking into the living room.

Ruka followed Yui to the living room after closing the door behind her,

“What is it?” Ruka asked, sitting on the sofa in front of Yui.

“It may sound weird, but my daughter is your daughter’s friend,” Yui spoke, getting straight to the point. Blinking, Ruka stared at Yui as she was dreaming. “And your daughter’s friend seems to like her too, so……I’m thinking if we could…”

Pausing, Yui licked her lips.

“If you don’t mind, can we become part of your family?”

Ruka arched her brow, trying to understand the situation. After a few minutes silence, the only word that comes out of Ruka was, “Get out!!”
“I’m sorry.”

“I said get out!!” Ruka repeated, gritting her teeth in anger while glaring at the floor.

“Thank you for taking your time with me.” Giving a slight bow, she walked outside.
Clenching her fists, Ruka hides her face between her hands. The words from Yui were annoyingly repeating like a broken record.

“Become family? Really?! What is she thinking? Like hell…! Who do they think they are?!”

Angrily, she flipped the table, causing several things to fall down as the vase shattered, creating a loud noise.

The main door opened as everyone came back from work and school.

“Mom! Are you okay?” Shawn asked, looking around for any kind of threat.

Ignoring him, Ruka stormed toward her room, slamming the door behind.

Shrugging his shoulders, Michael walked toward his room, while Taro stared at Ruka’s room. Before coming in, she saw Yui’s car drive out from their side of the road.

Tilting her head confused, she walked to her room and jumped on the bed without changing or cleaning herself up.
Shawn threw his bag on the bed as he sighed heavily.

His mind wandered toward Aya and his unborn child. He has to take them to the safe place, far away from Sae and his people. He doesn’t have any choice, but to fight for them with his mother.

Changing his clothes, he sat on the desk, taking out his notebook and started doing his homework. He didn’t have any choice but to tell his mother as soon as possible and to fight for his new family.

He didn’t care about going against his mother. What he cared about most now was Aya and their coming child.

“I’m sorry, mother…” he uttered quietly as he continued doing his work.

Michael opened his drawer and took Churi’s photo out, smiling widely. He stroked her photo gently, then he touched his lips, remembering their last kiss. He missed her so much. He couldn’t help but feel a tinge of pain from remembering his past with Churi.

Because of Nao and Ruka, his love life had turned into living hell. Running his hand through his hair, he put the photo back in the drawer and walked downstairs. He heads toward the kitchen to make some food for himself since he didn’t eat anything.
Ruka started the family picture frame that hung on her office wall. Time had passed so quickly. All of them had grown up into strong and beautiful teenagers.

Her hand played with the gun that she was about to use on Sae, just as she had planned. Standing up, she visited her children’s rooms and found them sleeping. Kissing Shawn’s forehead, she straightened his blanket and went to her brother’s room and found him sleeping on the couch while holding Churi’s photo.

Sighing, she walked over to him and stroked his head, gently taking the photo and placing it on the table. She covered him with the blanket and let him rest.

Walking toward Taro’s room, she sighed as she saw her sleeping in her uniform. Shaking her head, she walked toward her room

to get rest.

She muttered out, “You need to start being a bit more responsible with yourself.”


The next morning, Mori came to school early. Yawning, she took her books and notebook out. After shutting the locker door, she screamed seeing Taro leaning on the locker beside her and grinning evilly.

“You scared me!!” She scolded, glaring at her.

Ignoring her glare, Taro wrapped her arm around Mori’s shoulder, inching closer.

“I was wondering if you would like to help me in something!!” Taro whispered, wiggling her eyebrows.

“What??” Mori asked trying to free herself from Taro’s grip.

“You see, we need someone to work with us in taking a few illegal things out of the school…, since you are inspector Kashiwagi’s daughter, I bet you don’t mind helping us, nee!!”
“W-what?! Illegal stuff!!”

“Yes, Jori will be there too!!”

“Jori??” Mori’s eyes widened as she glared at Taro again.

Jori wasn’t in the condition of helping anyone. She is sick and needs rest. But knowing her behavior, she wouldn’t listen to anyone and will do whatever the hell she wants.

“Okay! I will help you.”
“Good. Come to the library after your first class.”

Smiling, Taro patted Mori’s head. Leaning in, she kissed her cheek and walked away while giggling.

“What the-?!” Mori turned around to hit Taro but stopped as she saw Jori standing behind them, glaring at Taro, who walked away while dancing.

Shaking her head in disappointment, Mori walked toward her classroom and sat on her seat. The class was boring as usual. The time wasn’t passing fast as Mori got bored at her class, yawning for the fifth time. She leaned her head on the table to take a nap but got scolded by the teacher.
After what felt like years, the bell finally was rung. Quickly gathering her things, Mori rushed outside and went into the library. She was the first one to arrive. Walking inside, she sat on the nearby desk while waiting for others to come. Not long after, Jori came with Kahi and sat far away from her.
“Why are you guys sitting that far apart?” Taro asked as she entered with Neechan and signaled us to follow her.

Walking behind her, we sat at the end of the library, glancing at Kahi. She raised her brow questioningly at Jori, who was giving her the same look while glancing at Mori.

They continue staring as though they fought with their secret signs.
“Shall we start?” Neechan asked in a bored tone.

Breaking eye contact, Taro cleared her throat and start telling her plan. Mori didn’t understand anything she was saying. The only thought that came into her mind was that her mission was to wait for some illegal stuff to be thrown at the trolley and once it got full, with Neechan, she has to throw that stuff into the food shaft and that things must be done fast and carefully.

As for Jori, she will be sitting inside the food truck, waiting for them, as Taro and Kahi will throw the stuff down. At first, Taro keeps insisting that she didn’t want to work with Kahi, but Jori keeps rejecting her offer. In the end, huffing, she accepted to work with Kahi.

Since they didn’t want anyone to suspect them, they choose a time when everyone was having a different class, so nobody can suspect they are gone.

“Alright, does everyone know what they need to do?” Taro asked, wanting to confirm that everyone was ready for their plan to commence when the time came.

“Yes, I have to wait for the white stuff to fall from the building roof into the trolley and bring them into the food truck,” Mori replied.
“Once we empty the room, I will drive the food truck at Kahi’s house and we will hide that truck in their house for awhile,” Jori explained her part again, gaining a glare from Taro.

“We will throw the stuff down as soon as possible, so we can finish in two hours,” Kahi said.
“We only have two hours to finish everything. We have to be careful and stay alerted. That’s all for now. We will ready everything tomorrow.”

Standing up, Taro walked out as Jori followed her. Once they walked far away from them, Taro glared at Jori who grabbed her by a shirt.

“Why did you bring Mori??”

“Because she is Kashiwagi’s daughter. And why the hell did you bring Kahi with you?! Are you insane?! Don’t you know she is Yakuza and her target can be those drugs?!”

Rolling her eyes, Jori let Taro’s shirt go.

“They don’t do illegal stuff, they only fight with bad Yakuza. Their family is as clean as milk.”

“Whatever!!” Tucking her hand inside her jacket pocket, she glanced at Kahi, who was walking towards her.

“See you later.” Giving gently squeeze, Jori walked away.

“Hey!!” Kahi greeted.

“Un… hey.” Nervously Taro looked elsewhere.

“So~…” Kahi tried to start a conversation.
“It wasn’t me!!”

“The girl who saved you. It wasn’t me. It was my friend Jurina. You can ask Jori if you want, she was her girlfriend. I’m not strong enough to fight with Yakuza.” Taro explained

“What…?” Kahi looked shocked and confused.

“So don’t run after me saying you love me, cuz I’m not your savior.” Saying this, Taro turned away, making her way out, but kahi grabbed her arm, pinning her on the wall.

“I don’t give a damn about who saves me!!” She growled
“L-L-Let me go!!” Taro tried to free herself from Kahi’s strong grip, but she slammed her against the wall.
“I love you, that’s what matter most.”

“Hey!” They turned their heads as they saw Ruka standing down the hallway, staring at them with eyes filled with anger. “What are you two doing?”
“N-Nothing!!” Taro replied as Kahi let her go and straightened her hair.

“Hurry up and go to your next class,” Ruka ordered.
“Yes, ma’am!!” Bowing her head, Kahi walked toward the stairs as Taro tried to sneak out, but Ruka stopped her.

“Do you love her?” she whispered. Taro raised one brow, tilting her head.

“That girl, Kahi. Do you love her?”
“Huh?! What love?!”

Sighing, Ruka let Taro’s arm go.
“Go to your class!!”

“O-okay!!” Shaking her head, she walked while glancing at Ruka’s back.

After school, everyone went home. Some of them were bored, while others were worried.

After cleaning and changing into their normal clothes, they ate their dinner. Taro went her room, while Shawn stood up in front of his mother while rubbing his hand.

“Mom. I have something to tell you!!”

“What?” Ruka asked in an annoyed tone as she sipping her tea while reading the newspaper.
“I’m……not marrying Jori!!”

Taking her eyes off the newspaper, she glanced at Shawn while putting her cup on the table.

“What was that?”

“I going to marry Aya!!”
“WHAT?!?!” Ruka bolted off her seat as she stood face to face with Shawn.
“She is pregnant with my child and we decided to have a family together. I will marry Aya!” Shawn flinched as he felt his left cheeks burning from the slap he just received.
“Y-you will do what?!” Ruka trembled with anger as her eyes burned into Shawn.

“I’ll marry Aya! And I don’t care what you say because I love her and I have to take responsibility if we’re going to raise a child together!”

“You. Son of a bitch!! HOW DARE YOU!!” Pushing him down hard, she slapped him repeatedly. “How dare you disobey me!!”
“Ruka!! Stop!!” Michael ran out of his room and shielded Shawn with his body. “Are you gonna insane?!? How can you hit your son like this?!?! He isn’t your slave, you can’t make him do what he doesn’t want to!!”

Breathing heavily Ruka glared at them. “Get out of my house!! Both of you!!”
“Get out!! You are no longer part of Kikuchi family! I demand to leave my house and enjoy your life as you want!!” Grabbing Shawn and Michael, she dragged them outside and closed the door, locking it.

Closing her eyes, she leaned on the door while pulling her hair in frustration and anger.

“God dammit…”

Taro then came downstairs with a confused expression. “What just happened? I heard yelling.”

Ignoring, Ruka went inside her room, slamming her door.

“Why does she always slam her door??” Shaking her head, she went back to her room and continue getting ready. “Everything is ready~”

Grinning, she hides her things inside the closet, shutting off the light. Then she jumped on the bed, closing her eyes.

The news of Shawn being kicked out of Kikuchi family went viral over the school. But this isn’t what angered Ruka. The problem was that Shawn asked help from Yokoyama, the Yakuza group.

People started pointing fingers at Ruka, saying she didn’t know how to raise her own children.

With anger, Ruka destroyed her office, breaking everything. She breathed heavily as anger boiled inside her, her face turning completely red.

Catching her breath, she straightened her hair, and took her cell phone out, dialing the number she waited for an answer. After the fifth ring, Sae picked the call and greeted in his sleepy voice.

“Can we meet?” Ruka asked in her calm voice.

“R-Ruka!!” Surprised Sae jolted up and sat on the bed. “What do you want?”
“Just a little chitchat. There is a coffee shop near the high school where we used to hang out together. Be there in fifteen minutes.”

Saying this, she hung the call without waiting for his answer.
“Rino, I’m going to an important meeting,” Ruka told to her secretary.

“Yes, ma’am.” She bowed her head in respect.

Locking her office door, she headed toward the car and unlocked it. Hopping in, she threw her handbag on the passenger seat and started her car, roaring it back into life. She put it in reverse, driving out of the parking lot and heading toward the coffee shop that wasn’t too far away from the school.

Arriving at the coffee shop, she parked her car in front of the shop and walked inside. Ordering a hot chocolate, she sat at the end near the glass window and started sipping her hot chocolate.

Sae’s car came into view, exactly on time. He parked his car behind Ruka’s and got out of the car. He walked inside the cafe, smiling toward Ruka as he took a seat in front of her.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

“No, you’re right on schedule.”

“Well!!” Rubbing his hand nervously. “What you want to talk about?”

Rolling her eyes, Ruka placed her hand on the table, interviewing them. “Drop that formality, I want you to do something for me.”

“What?” Sae asked raising a brow.

Taking the photo out of her handbag, she forwarded it toward Sae. “Finish her!!”

“W-What?!” Sae blinked, shocked as he stared at the photo. “Why are you asking me this? Why not one of your men? I bet you can hire anyone for this.”

“There is a reason behind it. Now, do what I told you and I will give you what you want.”

“Oh, really!! How do you know what I want?”

Ruka smirked. “I know everything about you. And when I say everything, I mean it. Besides, it will save you time and you will stay away from trouble.” Leaning over the chair, she crossed her arm.
“Okay!! But if you don’t keep your promise, I will kill you too!!” Sae threatened while putting the photo inside his pocket. “See you later.”

Smirking, he stood up and walked outside, but stopped on the door. Moving back, he looked at Ruka. “You should apologize for cutting my hand and must pay for it.”


Jori Pov

Three hours passed impatiently as we waited for Milky-sensei to come and take us with her. We were getting bored in the class, and some of us are getting anxious about the future. We were worried about whatever was gonna happen, we were about to take the biggest risk ever. If we get caught, nothing good will happen. Our life is in the hands of God now.

After countless hours, finally, Milky-sensei come and made an excuse that she needed to do some check upon us and take us one by one from the class.
“How much do you know??” I heard Taro whispered to Milky as we walked inside the old library.
“Everything!!” She whispered back, tensing Taro who glared at me. Rolling my eyes, we enter the hole and took a huge drill out to make a perfect hole so we can easily take the drugs out.

“Okay guys, you know what you have to do?” I asked, gaining nods from everyone.

“Good luck everyone!!” Saying this, I walked outside and stood in front of the small window with Mori, who was staring at me and I did my best to ignore her while looking at the window. We heard a whirring sound as Kahi started drilling the window, breaking the wall. The dirt started falling toward us, moving backward, we watched as she finished digging the hole and moved some stone away.
Kahi looked out of the hole and looked down at us. I gave her a thumbs up. In reply, she nodded. Mori brought in two trolleys and moved them closer to the hole where the drugs would easily fall into.
“Okay! Ready?” Taro asked as she holds a bag of drugs.

“Yes, ready!!” Mori replied as she backed up, letting the bag fall onto the trolley. Smirking, Taro and Kahi start throwing the bags onto the trolley.

I keep my eyes on the trolley as Mori guarded around us, looking for any sight of people. Luckily, no one was around. After a few minutes, the trolley got full.
Signaling them to stop, I moved the trolley away and wrapped a large cloth on it, covering the drugs. I placed the empty trolley on the same spot and was about to move this trolley toward that truck, but Mori stopped me.
“Let me take it!!” She said.

“What??” I asked confused.

“Don’t make me tell tTaro about your illness.” She threatened.
“Let’s do it together!!” I offered.

Ignoring me she took trolley by herself toward the food truck and dropped all the drug inside. This girl sure is strong. I smiled and glanced back at the hole.


Taro’s POV



It’s been one and a half hours since we started packing all the drugs. Our clothes and hands were covered with dirt and sweat, but we didn’t stop. We kept throwing the stuff as fast we can.
“Ah, my back!!” I sighed while sitting on the bag while wiping the sweat off.

“Ten more bags left, hurry up and finish before someone sees us!” Kahi said while throwing the bag on the trolley.

“Ughhh!!” Lazily, I stood up and picked another bag and threw it onto the trolley.

“What are you guys doing??” A familiar voice asked, causing us to freeze in our spots. Gulping, I turned around and looked at Kumi-sensei, who had a shocked, confused, and angry at the same time.

“Throwing dust out,” I replied bravely. “Ruka told us to throw all the old stuff, she is planning to rebuild these classrooms.”

“She didn’t tell me anything about it.” Kumi-sensei picked up one of the drug bags and tore it open, causing all the powder to spill around.

“Kumi!!” Before we can react we heard very angry and confused voice.

“Sakura!!” Kumi-sensei said wiping the powder off her face. I gave Mori the warning signal. She nodded and ran toward the truck. After starting it up, they drove far away.

“What are you doing??” Sakura-sensei asked. Stepping closer she looked around and then back at Kumi. “H-How can you do this to me??” She asked with her weak and broken voice.

Really now, what’s going on?

“What are you talking about?” Kumi asked confused as she threw the drug bag on the floor and reach to hold Sakura, but Sakura stepped backward.

“Don’t come closer to me!!” She yelled. “You are liar and murderer.” After saying that, she ran away. Kumi tried to run after her, calling her name.
Seriously!! Now, what is all this drama about?!

Shrugging, I picked up what was left of the drug and threw it onto the trolley. After finishing everything, we jumped out and took the drugs to our cars and filled the tank with it.

“See you at home!!” Kahi said while hopping into her car and starting the engine.

Sighing, I sit in my car and started the engine, and started driving toward Kahi’s house, hoping nothing bad would happen, cuz as soon we were getting closer to her house, I start to have a bad feeling.
After 30 minutes, we arrived there, but I slammed my car brake as we saw a police car parked in front of the door. My eyes widened as I saw police officers arrest Yui-same. Getting out of the car, I ran toward the house, followed by Kahi.
“What’s going on?? Why are you arresting my mother??” Kaki asked the police officer.

“Miss, please let us do our job. If you have anything to say, say it in the court.” A female officer spoke. Yui-same smiled at me as the police officer drove away, taking her far from us.

“I don’t know how, but they found out about the drugs!!”

“I think we have a mole between us!! Or someone saw us and informed the police.” Jori explained.
“It can be only one person!!” I said


Clenching my fist, I looked at Kahi who gave me a weak smile and patted my shoulder.

“It’s ok. We will get her out, don’t worry!! Let’s go inside and find a way out!!” Kahi spoke as she walked inside.
Suddenly, I heard an engine start. I saw Ruka’s car driving away from Kahi’s house. I gritted my teeth and run towards my car. Starting the engine, I drove after her.

Opening the passenger seat drawer, I took out my gun, placing it on my lap. “Today is your last day on the earth!!”
Ruka’s POV
After meeting with Sae, I drove towards the Yokoyama household, to bring Shawn and Michael back. But as soon I arrived there, I saw police had surrounded their house and was taking Yui to the police car.

I hope nothing bad happened to them. I saw Taro and Kahi were talking about something with Mori and Jori. Aren’t they supposed to at the school? What are they doing here?

Sighing, I start my car engine and drove away towards my school office.

Arriving at the school, I parked my car in the usual spot and walked out. Greeting my secretary, I unlocked my office door and walked in, throwing my handbag on the table. I sat on the main chair and held my forehead.

I then heard a knock at the door. Turning my computer on, I called on the person to enter. The door opened as my secretary came in while holding an envelope in her hand.

“A lawyer left this for you!!” She said, putting the envelope on the table.

“Thanks.” Smiling, I picked up the envelope and read the sender name. It was from my best friend Sky.

Raising my brow confused, I opened it and start reading.


Dear Ruka, it’s been awhile. I hope you are doing well with your family. This may sound shocking, so please listen well.

If you’re reading this, it most likely means that I’m gone. I wrote this year before my death in advance. I knew it would be delivered at the time you needed it most.

There is something I want to tell you, and I always wanted to tell you since I found out about my illness. You see, when you and Sae broke up, you were having a very hard time taking care of yourself. Ever since that bastard left you, you were suffering and it wasn’t healthy for you.

So as your best friend, I had to do one thing, because I know you will never ask help from others. So I took your newborn baby and named it Taro, and raised it. So you won’t have to worry about her and can able to achieve your dream easily.

Forgive me that I lied to you about your baby’s death. I had to do it. I hope you can forgive me for taking your child away from you. I’m sorry about everything. But I did it for your own good.

But all this time I never kept your daughter front your eyes, so you can know about her, take care of her. Love her precious her as your daughter so when I leave this world, I won’t have any problem leaving in your hand cuz I know you would keep her happy and would give her mother love that she needed. Even though she is stubborn and hot-blooded, she has a big heart. Please keep our daughter Taro happy and safe, don’t drag her into your the world.
Good luck my friend, wish you nothing but happiness, you one and only friend Sky.

The tears were flowing from my eyes as I finished reading the latter. I can’t believe it. It’s lie, yes a lie. It can’t be true. In frustration, I pulled my hair and kick the chair. Breathing heavily I wiped my tears. Taking my car’s key I rushed outside but froze as I heard loud bang voice. My heart shattered into pieces as I saw Taro car crashed into the wall, while Sae was stood there smirking and pointing gun on her forehead.


With all power, I run toward them while yelling for him to stop.But it was too late and he already pulled the trigger

Everything is fine: Chapter Ten


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Shawn pov



Ughh!! What I did!! I can’t believe it, it’s all my mistake. Only if I didn’t date Sakura, I wouldn’t be in this condition today. All this happen because of my stupid brain.

What if Aya become pregnant and her parents find out about us having one-night-stand. My mother will probably kill me or bury me alive.In frustration, I kicked and punched the wall.

“Instead of taking your anger out on the wall,take responsibility for your mistake as men!” The voice startled.

“Kashiwagi-san!!”Standing straight I bowed my head. “What bring you here?”

“To check on your sister.” She replied in a calm voice.


“Take responsibility for your deeds.” She advised.

“I will!!” Nodding her head she walked away toward my mother office. Kashiwagi-san is the inspector who helped Taro and brings her back, she is only one who knows her story, she didn’t help her for money, heck she didn’t even take one dollar from my mother. She always says that Taro is like her own child.

Anyway, just like she said I must take responsibility for it, it was my mistake, I invited her for  drink even though she didn’t wanted to drink she can’t reject me cuz she was my friend who were helping me in a hard time.
I have to settle everything down, I can’t continue living like this

. Breathing deeply I wore my school uniform, since I have to talk with Sakura I must reach school earlier than anyone.
After taking my things I grabbed my car keys, and quietly walked outside, unlocking my car door, I hopped in, starting the engine I drove to the school. My chest tightened, my hand shaked with fear.
Arriving at the school I parked my car at the usual spot. Checking my wristwatch I walked into the school. There was still a half hour left for the students to come. Leaving my bag on my seat I stood front Sakura-sensei class and waited for her to .come.
After fifteen minutes of waiting, she finally came. Shocked, she looked at me; I could see the pain in her eyes. I hate myself for hurting her, I broke our promise about never hurting her. I felt anger rise inside me. Ashamed, I looked on the floor as tears threatened to fall.

I felt weak, for not protecting the only person I love. Taking her key out of inside her handbag she unlocked her door and walked in, rubbing my face I took a deep breath and walked in.
I watched as Sakura put her things on the table, and turned her laptop on, she plugged her flash and start working on it totally ignoring me.
Encouraging myself I spoke. “Sakura……..we should break up!!” Her hand froze but she didn’t take her eyes off the laptop.
“Why?” It comes out as a whisper but I heard her.

“Because that’s better for us!” I replied calmly even though I’m suffering inside. My heart was yelling for me to stop and tell her everything, but I know it’s too risky I can’t watch her losing her Job and life.

Sakura turned  her head toward me as her eyes bored into mine. “Is this because of your mother?” She asked. “Shawn…….we promised to fight till the end.”
“We did…….but it’s stupid, did you really thought I love you?I was just passing my time with you, now I got tired of you, so please do me favor and forget about me.”
Sakura laughed dryly. “You won’t waste your time breaking up with me.if you were just playing. You just ignore me and pretended to enjoy your life, but you didn’t.”

I closed my eyes sighing, she knew me better than anyone. “Sakura……..please don’t make it harder for me than it already is!!” I begged. Standing up from her seat Sakura stood front me.

I flinched as her cold hand connected with my warm cheeks. Her eyes stared into mine deeply, closing her eyes she leaned in capturing  my lips with her, our lips moved in sync, her lips tasted sweet as usual, I would die while kissing them, slowly she broke the kiss and rested her forehead on mines.
“Be happy!” She whispered letting me go and walked back to her seat. Wiping my tears away I bowed my head in respect and stormed out.

The tears continue falling like a storm, I run to the background and screamed letting all the pain out. I continue running until I got tired and fall on the grass. My chest rose and fell as I breathed heavily staring at the sky.

“Are you okay?” Angel like voice asked, sitting up I looked at worried Aya and forced smile at her. Sighing she sat front me and took the napkin out of her pocket and wiped my sweat off.

“Thank you.” I offered her smile.

“let’s go, the class about to start.” Holding my forearm gently she help me to stand up and walked me to the class not letting me go,I felt happy at her caring side.
“Aya…..I’m sorry about yesterday.” I apologized as we entered the class.

“It’s okay, I understand.” We sat on out seat and put our books on the table.

“Aya….” Nervously I rubbed my hands together. “Would you go out with me?” Her eyes widened with shock as she stared me. “As friend!!” I corrected not wanting her to feel uncomfortable.

Her smile returned as she nodded.”I would love too.”

As the day went fast, I took Aya to the park where we ride a bicycle and ate ice-cream, and gave some bread to swan and duck that were swimming on the pond, we had fun, spending time wit her make me forget about Sakura and my mother. We decide to have dinner in luxury restaurant. We order Sushi with raw fish and waited for our food to come.

“I hope you had fun today.”

Smiling, she nodded.

“I’m glad to spend some time with you.”

“Same here.”

The waiter came with our food and placed it on the table. I felt hungry since I didn’t eat anything. Silently, we ate our food.

As we were eating, I heard a familiar voice come from behind.

“Yeah, don’t worry about Shawn. I will make sure to control him under me.”

My eyes widened at his words. That bastard. I already had a bad feeling from him when I met him, how can be a bastard like him be my father?

I’m glad I saw his real face before I can put myself into more trouble. Thank God for saving me.

Once we finished our food, I paid the bill and walked Aya to her house. The alley was dark and cold, Aya shivered as the cold wind hit her. Smiling, I took my coat off and put it around her shoulders. Aya murmured a thank you.

We continued walking, when suddenly, Aya stopped. As she covered her mouth with her hand, she ran toward the corner of the street and threw up everything she ate.

“Are you okay?” I asked worriedly while rubbing her back. wiping her mouth with the back of her hand she nodded. Then it hit.

“Are you pregnant?” She looked at me scared and shake her head.

“I don’t know.” Her eyes teared up as she looked at the ground.

“Hey!!” I lifted her face with my thumb and index-finger. “It’s okay, I will buy you the pregnancy test and we will see what the result, don’t be scared I’m here with you.” I give her my best smile I ever can, even though I was worried and scared.
Walking her to her house I run to the drug store and bought a pregnancy test and run back to her house and give her call, few second later she come out looking exhausted. I handed her the pregnancy test.


“Here…..whatever the result come don’t be afraid to tell me, okay?” She nodded and went inside her house. sighing I ruffled my hairs and kick the empty can as I walked back to my house.
Suddenly my phone rang, sighing I took it out of my jeans pocket and answered the unknown caller ID.

“Yo…it’s me Sae…” That bastard.

“Listen…. Don’t ever try to call me again, I don’t need liar father like you!!” Saying this I cut the call off and went to my house.


Neechan pov



After finishing some important work, I came home and found everything upside down. The maid was scared as sounds of crashing and glass shattering voices came from Sae’s room.

I can’t help but wonder, has his plan failed? Throwing my bag on the chair, I walked toward his room and opened the door. His room was a mess as he sat on the chair, glaring at the ceiling.

Before I can ask anything, he took his phone out and dialed out a number, then waited for the owner to pick up the call.

“Get ready we have work to do!” Saying this he hangs the call and walked outside. What is he up too?

Shrugging I went to my room, changing my clothes I took a cold shower to cool my mind off and went to sleep.
Next morning I woke up at the sound of someone banging my door, groaning I lazily get out off the bed and opened the door.
“What you want?” I asked Sae while rubbing my eyes.
“She is your next target!” He handed me a photo. “I want you to stay with her and wait for my call.”

“Why?” I asked taking the photo and looking at it.

“To finish her once I call you, and make sure do it neatly don’t leave any suspicious behind.” Saying this he walked away, leaving me shocked as I stared at the photo.

Gritting my teeth I tore the photo apart and throw it in the dustbin. Running my hand over my hairs I walked to the bathroom, after a half hour later I got ready and drove my car toward the school.
“Are you okay? You seem little down?” Airin asked as I sat on a chair and looked around the class searching for my target.

“I’m fine, have you seen Aya?”

“Hmm….. Yeah, I saw her walking to the restroom.”

Getting up from my seat, I walked to the ladies bathroom and found Aya leaning against the wall, exhausted; her face looks pale, and her body got thinner. Suddenly, she covered her mouth and run inside the toilet and throw up.

I raised a brow questioningly as she comes out and washed her face.

“Are you okay?” I asked gently rubbing her back. Forcing a smile, she nodded.

“My stomach is a bit upset, nothing more.”

“Did you go to the doctor?” I asked.

“There is no need for it, I will get well.” Smiling, she walked out, wiping her face with a tissue.

Sighing, I walked after wondering why the hell Sae want me to kill her.

Ignoring my thoughts, I decide to wait for his call. Even though I don’t want to hurt her, I don’t have a choice.



Shawn pov



The hardest decision in the life is when you have to choose between your future and past lover. I know many of you will choose future-love but none of us would like to see our past-lover in pain especially when you are the reason behind their pain. I blame myself for acting smart, I should simply ignore him or told my mother about him but no, I decide to warn him which were a bad idea.
After finishing from my usual routine, I walked toward the school since I didn’t feel like driving. I decide to take walk, even though the school was far away, but I don’t care. While listening to my favorite song, I jogged toward the school when suddenly, an unknown call interrupted me. That’s when hell went down.

“You shouldn’t reject me like this, my son!!”

Rolling my eyes, I asked in an annoyed tone, “What do you want?”

“The deed!”


“The deed to your mother’s school. Bring it to me!”

“What the fuck?! Why would I give it to you?” Is he insane or what?

“Because if you won’t, I will kill your girlfriend Sakura, who seem to be cooking the delicious food right now in her kitchen.” He grinned.

“What?” My eyes widened, my heart pounded hard, as it will come out of my chest. “How you know that?”

He laughed. “Because I’m standing outside of her house while holding the gun in my hand.”

“W-what?!?! Hey, listen, don’t drag her into this! We aren’t dating anymore, so she isn’t my girlfriend, leave her alone.”

“Okay……then I will kill your Aya. She seems pale as if she is sick, so you better bring me that Deed before I send her to Heaven! You have 24 hours!” I can hear his laughing voice as he hangs up the call. I stood there staring into space. I feel like I’m about to lose my mind, the only thing come to my mind is where I put myself?

I breathed shakily while looking around myself, making sure no one is following me. I put my headphones in my pocket and run toward my house.

All the way, I keep thinking how to deal with him. Getting the Deed isn’t easy as it seems; I don’t even know where my mother put it, I have to do something before he hurt Aya or Sakura. I can’t lose them, I can’t!

Once I reached my home, I opened the door and walked in. My mother was sitting in the living room doing some work. Should I tell her?

“Did you forget something?” My mother asked, not taking her eyes off the paper.

I bit my lower lip looking on the ground. I can’t tell her. If I did, she will find out about sakura and Aya, which isn’t good news at all. I have to find another way.

“Yeah, I forget my English book.” Replying her I run upstair. Finding deed impossible, none of us knows where my mother hides her important thing.

Pulling my hairs angrily I kicked the nearest basket. Taking a deep breath calming myself I straightened my clothes and hair, grabbing my bag I run outside unlocking my car I drove off toward the school, I have to protect Aya and Sakura from him.

The homeroom already had started when I arrived the class, carefully looking around I walked to my seat and sat down. As the Kumi-sensei calling our name the door opened and Aya come in followed by Neechan, she looks so pale, she got dark circles under her eyes, bowing her head she sat on her seat.

“Are you okay?” I whispered as I touched her forehead.

“Yes!!” She replied with a weak voice. I didn’t have to ask her since I already knew by her condition that she is pregnant. I sigh and ruffled my hairs roughly. Nothing is going well.

Seem like I have to take care of everything, but how? To stop Sae I have to give him deed but what will happen if I handed him school deed? My mother will lose her job, our family may go bankrupt. I can’t destroy my family, but I can’t let Sae hurt Aya and my child too. There is only one thing that I can do.


Normal pov 


“Guys I bought some Sushi and Takoyaki!!” Taro entered Jori’s apartment with both hands full of food.

“Jurina!!”Jori glared at her girlfriend. “Didn’t you tell Taro to not bring any food with her?”

Giggling, Jurina nodded. “I did!!”
“Then why the hell she bring the entire freaking restaurant?”

Jurina shrugged her shoulders as she dried the dishes, ignoring Jori’s glare.

“I don’t remember hearing any warning!” Innocently, Taro placed the food on the table and start putting them on the table, avoiding Jori’s glare.

Huffing, Jori put cooked food on the dining table and slapped Taro’s hand while taking the food she brought away.

“Eh?! Nande?!” Taro whined as she watched her food disappear inside the closet.

“You aren’t touching that food till you finish this!!” She ordered pointing at the dining table.
“But…..but….none of them are my favorite!!”

“No buts! All of that is junk food anyways. You’re a growing girl and you need to eat healthily.”

“Mou quit talking like my mom~” Taro pouted. “Besides Takoyaki and Sushi isn’t junk food!!”

Jori banged the frying pan, scaring her. Smiling sheepishly, she sat on the table and started filling her mouth with food.

“Ahh~~ so delicious!! How did you cook it?” She asked, forcing herself to finish the food. Jurina giggled while sitting on her chair and start eating her food along with Taro.

Their eating was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Wiping her hands on the towel, Jori went to open the door.
Quietly, Taro picked up her plate and hid some food inside the fridge.

“Oh Sayanee~~” Jurina greeted and hugged her friend, who hugged her back. While Jori stared suspiciously at Taro’s half empty plate. Taro smiled at her, her mouth filled with food.

“Hey, close your mouth when you eat! And eat slowly, you gonna choke yourself like this!!” Sayanee advised.


Jori smacked Taro head. “Don’t talk while eating.”

Rolling her eyes, she sat on her chair and put food on her plate.
Chewing her food, Taro swallowed it and spoke. “I like eating like this!!”

“Now what did I tell you?” Jori grinned.

Putting her plate on the table, she sighed relief. “Ah~ I’m full~~”
“Also finish the food that you put in the fridge!!”

“Eh?! Food in the fridge? What are you talking about?” Taro asked innocently.

“The food I saw you get up and hide in the fridge to try and trick me.”

“What? Do you have an extra eye or something?”

“Maybe~ Now go get that food out and finish it!”

“Fine…” Taro pouted and sluggishly went back to the fridge to get the rest of her food, grumbling and mumbling to herself.
“So, Sayanee, when are you gonna bring your girlfriend?” Jurina asked wiggling her brows.

“Well….soon!!” Sayanee blushed.
“You’ve been telling us the same thing since last year. When are you gonna commit?”

“Soon, you guys. Don’t worry.”

“Yeah!! Soon!! When we get old and have lots of grandchildren!!” Taro joked.

“Sayanee, I think it’s time for you to introduce her to your family and friends. I bet she wanted to meet your family too.” Jurina advised.

“I know!!” Sayanee sighed. “But I’m afraid… What if my mother doesn’t accept us? I don’t care what others would think, but my mother’s approval is what I need most.”
Excluding Taro, everyone nodded in agreement. They know how much Sayanee loves her mother. After her father’s death, her mother worked hard for her and make sure she had everything. Sayanee swore to God that she will never leave her mother and always obey her, even if it mean to sacrifice.
Jurina squeezed Sayanee’s hand comforting her. “You will be fine.”

Sayanee smiled and nodded. Soon, they were interrupted by Taro’s chewing, turning their faces they glare at her.

“What??” She asked as she felt all the eyes on her.
“Chew more quietly.”

“Oh!!” Smirking, she chewed loudly.
“I feel sorry for the person who’s gonna fall for you!!” Jori joked and high-fived with Jurina.

“Ha ha ha, very funny! Besides, I got no interested in love.” Taro made an X with her arms. “For me, love is only waste of time.”

Jori sighed and shake her head.
“Love is very important!” Jurina corrected her. “I can’t live without the love of my life.”

Jurina looked into Jori’s eyes as they leaned in for the kiss.
“Ewwww!! Stop it, you two! I’m eating here, seriously.”

“Just go get a room,” Jurina said.

“I should be saying that to YOU!!!”

They all laughed as Taro pouted and stood up off her seat, but her hand accidently knocked over the juice glass, causing it fall on Jurina’s coat.


“Why are you always so careless?” Sayanee scolded her sister.

“It’s not my fault, accidents always happen. Besides, you can wear my coat, since you gonna walk to your house.” Taking her coat, Taro put it around Jurina, who offered her smile.

“What about you?” Jori asked.

“What about me?” Taro titled her head.

Sighing, Jori shakes her head. “Nevermind.”

After finishing their dinner, they washed the dishes and cleaned the table.

“So guys let’s play game!!” Jori asked excited, as everyone finished cleaning.
“What kind of game you want us to play at this time?” Jurina asked while checking her wristwatch.

“It’s more like a challenge!” Jori smirked. “All of us are gonna roam around streets alone and look for any kind Yakuza or Yankee and finish them. Also, we will collect their coats so we can know who is the winner.”

“Woah!! That sounds wonderful!!”

“What will the winner get?” Sayanee asked.

“Anything she wants,” Jori replied.

Nodding in agreement, Jurina wore Taro’s coat, since hers got wet. Sayanee cracked her knuckles, putting her boots on. She walked out, followed by the others.
“Okay…..let’s begin.”

Waving to each other, they walked toward different dangerous alleyways where they could find all kinds of dangerous people. Since they are street fighters, they don’t fear anything, they fight well and take many targets alone.

Humming, Jurina walked around as she heard fighting sound coming toward the alley. It didn’t take her long to find her victims. Her lips plastered a huge smirk as she saw hundreds of yakuza fighting a lone lady.

Tugging her hand into Taro’s coat, she found a packet of biscuits. That girl always brings food with her, everywhere she goes. Taking them out, she munched on it while watching the lady fighting Yakuza. She waited patiently for the lady to get tired and fall.

After five minutes, the lady fell on the ground, breathing heavily. Throwing the empty packet of biscuits, Jurina walked toward them, taking the coat off.

“What’s so manly about beating up a woman?” She asked while walking toward the girl.

“Huh?! Who the hell are you?” The Yakuza who was about to hit her with bat asked Jurina. Ignoring him, she covered the beautiful lady with Taro’s coat and cracked her neck with a smirk. Quickly grabbing his arm, she flipped him over, slamming her feet into his chest, breaking a few of his ribs.

“Your worst nightmare!!” She whispered, taking his coat and throwing it aside. “One down, nineteen more to go.” Jurina ran her hand through her black hair.

Another one tried to sneak behind her while holding a bat. Jurina roundhouse kicked his jaw, sending him flying towards the car. She moaned at the feeling; it’s been awhile since she had a real fight.

Three rushed toward her while holding bats. Ducking down, she roundhouse kicked their legs, causing them to fall on the ground. Grabbing the bat, she hit them hard and took their coats, throwing aside after emptying them and letting them join the other one.

Smirking at their leader, Jurina moved her bat in sync and quickly threw it toward him. He moved aside, dodging the bat. Rolling her eyes, Jurina continues fighting with his men. It didn’t take too much till all his men were on the ground, yelping in pain while holding their wounds.

From the corner of her eye, she saw their leader escaping. Taking her pocket knife out of her sock, she throws it at him, aiming at his leg. He screamed in pain while holding his leg, then she yanked the knife back out and kneed him in the jaw before slamming his face into the ground.

“Done with cleaning the garbage~~” Smirking, Jurina took his coat and golden necklace away and threw it towards the huddle of the coats. Picking them all up. she made her way toward her girlfriend house.


Jori sighed while roaming around the silent streets, searching for someone in trouble. After a long walk, she finally found two men disturbing an old lady who seemed to be on her way to her house.

“Leave the grandma alone!!” Rolling her eyes, she spoke in an annoyed tone, gaining their attention.

“Hey, look. A beautiful girl to play with.” One man spoke to the other as they walked toward her, leaving the poor grandma alone, who run to her house.

“Hey beautiful girl, would you like to have some fun with us?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Why do you think I’m walking around at this time?” Jori asked before punching his nose, causing it to bleed. His friend stared at him shocked as he grabbed his nose in pain.

“You bitch!!” His friend tried to punch her but Jori dodged it and kicked him in between the legs. Screaming, he held his privates and cried in pain.

“Weakling!!” Jori murmured, taking their coats and walking away.


Sayanee walked around the supermarket, looking for the food while waiting for some robbers to come. Around this time, many robbers seem to try and rob the supermarket.

After half an hour of waiting, a few robber entered while aiming the gun at the cashier who tried to ask for mercy.
“Shut up and gimme all the money!!” The robber yelled, scaring the cashier. Shivering in fear, she started putting money into the black bag that the robber was holding.

Straightening her coat, Sayanee stepped closer to the cashier, causing the thief to aim the gun at her.

“Don’t move!!” He hissed.

Sayanee shrugged, raising her hands in the air. Smiling, she moved her hand quickly, grabbing the nearest bag of chips. She threw it at his face and grabbed his hand, twisting it, causing the gun to fall out of his hand. Sayanee kicked the gun, throwing it far away and kicked his stomach. Groaning in pain, he held his stomach and kneeled down.

Chuckling, Sayanee gave him one last jab at his jaw and took his coat off and walked away.

“Too easy.”


Crossing her arms over her chest, shivering from the cold, Taro walked around the house and shops, looking for any kind of victim. But sadly, she didn’t find any.

Sighing, she was about to sit on the stairs of one of the shops when a delicious smell of food hit her nostrils, causing her to drool. Even though it’s been half an hour since she ate dinner, she got hungry again.

Forgetting everything, she skipped toward the restaurant while humming. Through the restaurant window, she saw a chief stirring Yakisoba. Approaching closer, she slammed her body at the window as her eyes sparkled at the food. scaring the chief.

Removing herself off the glass, she walked inside and sat down at one of the tables and raised her hand in the air, calling for the waiters.

“‘excuse me, I’d like to make an order!”

“Hai!!” The waiters bowed as she took her notebook and pen out waiting for Taro’s ordered.

“Bring me a huge bowl of Yakisoba! And Sushi platters and curry bread.”

“H-hai!!” Writing the order down, the waiters walked away and returned with a tray full of food and placed them on the table.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Water will work!” Taro replied, stuffing the food into her mouth and moaning at the taste. For a moment, the waiter mistook her as a homeless person, but from her clothes, she could tell she is from a rich house.


“Don’t worry, I will enjoy!!” Giggling, she continued eating.

Cleaning her last plate, she stared at the roof, smiling and rubbing her stomach. She tucked her hand into her pocket, searching for the wallet, but finding only a credit card. Sighing, she walked to the cashier and handed her the card. After paying the bill, she left the restaurant and walked towards Jori house.

Arriving at the house, she found everyone sitting outside in the garden chatting. She waved her hand and sat down with them. Raising their brow, they looked at her questionably.

“What?” Taro asked confusedly

“Where is the coat?” Sayanee asked.
“What coat?” Taro tilted her head confused. But soon, the realization hit her as her eyes widened. “OMG!! I forget!! The game!!”

“Told you she probably lost her mind with the smell of food.” Jori shook her head in disappointment.

“What is the punishment of the loser?” Jurina asked smirking.

“W-What?! What punishment?! Hey, don’t be unfair to me! It’s not my mistake that I didn’t find anyone to fight with.” Taro pouted.

“It doesn’t matter. You are the loser since Jurina beat the most guys here.” Jori said proudly.

“And the loser’s punishment will be… She will do everything that the winner will tell her to do.”

“Nani?!?! Muri muri muri Zettai muri!! I’m not being a slave.”

“So, Jurina, is there anything you want Taro to do for you?’ Sayane asked smirking.
Jurina nodded. “Of course, there are many!! How about we start with the first one?”

“And what would be that?’ Taro asked, glaring at Jurina.

“Since you said love is a waste of time, why don’t you try to hit on someone tonight?” Jurina suggested. Sayanee nodded in agreement.

“Nice idea.”

“What? No way!! I’m not hitting on any girl. I don’t have interesting to anyone.”
Ignoring her protests, Sayane grabbed her by the shoulders and dragged her outside. They walked to the nearby cafe, looking for any cute girl that would be perfect for her.

“What about her?” Jori pointed at the old lady who was drinking wine.

“Hell no!!” Taro growled, blaming herself for wasting her time over food other than fighting.

“Hmm…” Sayane rubbed her chin while thinking.
“What about her?” Jurina pointed at the teenage girl, who was staring into space with a sad face.

“Nice choice.” Sayane patted Taro shoulder. “Go make her smile and ask for her number. If you win, we will stop your punishment here, but if you lose, we will make you do more things.”

Smiling, she opened Taro’s shirt a few buttons and straightened her bangs.

“Good luck!!” Saying this, she pushed her inside the cafe.

Pouting, Taro tiptoed and approached the girl. She didn’t have any choice but to do what they say, in case she doesn’t want any more punishments. Sighing, she put on her best smile and walked to the girl’s table, who was too busy in her own world.
Clearing her throat, Taro gained her attention.

“Hi!!” She waved her hand nervously. “You alone?”

Smiling, she sat down on the chair beside her, placing her hand on her lap, she rubbed her thigh.

“I’m Taro. What’s your name?” She asked, hoping the other girl would speak, but she only stared at her weirdly. Taro laughed nervously.

“I’m not a bad person, in case you were thinking that I’m someone dangerous. My full name is Taro Skylar. I live a few blocks away, I go to a school name Yamaguchi. It’s very famous, you know. One of the most popular schools where all the rich kids go.”

The girl nodded her head. “I’m Aki!”
“Ah, that’s a very beautiful name. Wonder what it means.” Taro thought.

“It means ‘autumn’.”

“Oh, I see~. Anyway, why do you look so sad? Did something bad happen?”
Aki looked away, avoiding Taro’s stare.

“Did someone hurt you? Or bully you in school? Tell me their name, I will kill all of them. I’m the strongest when it comes to fighting. Or some annoying teacher give you hard time?”

“It’s nothing!!” Aki replied coldly, not taking her gaze off a vase holding a flower.

“You know, I had a teacher who always annoyed me. She made my life a living hell, always disturbing my sleep; she once splashed cold water on my face.” Taro growled at the memories. “Since that day, I promised myself to take revenge.”

“One day, at the beginning of the class, I hid bunches of a spider under her table.” She laughed, clapping her hands. “When she entered the classroom and saw the huge spiders, she screamed!!” Taro spoke between her laugh. “I-it was so funny!!

Aki raised a brow as she watched Taro laughing while holding her stomach.
“But that’s not what really happened, is it?” Jori whispered.

The others were sitting three tables away from them, hearing their conversation.
“That liar!!” She shakes her head.

“And on the teacher’s day off, I cooked the spiciest food for her. You should have seen her face she almost finished a huge gallon of water while crying.”

Jori raised a brow at Jurina who giggled in response. “Why does she keep lying?”

“I feel sorry for Sakura-sensei!!” Taro said wiping her teary eyes. Aki looked at her shocked.

“Yes, her name is Sakura. She is the annoying teacher I had.”

“Oh!!” Aki grabbed her water glass as she chucked it down, glaring at Taro, who was busy thinking for something to talk about it.

“So tell me, why are you mad?” Taro asked.

“There was a person who appeared out of nowhere and started badmouthing about my sister in front of me and how he hurt her.”

“Ah!! What a terrible human being!! Worst human being! Tell me his name; I will kill him for you.”

“You are right. he was worst human being, for hurting my sister. No matter whatever his reason is, he should never hurt anyone. Hurting others isn’t good!!” Aki continued glaring at Taro as she hand clenched the empty glass. She breathed deeply while controlling herself not to hit her. “I want to chop him into many pieces.

“I would do same if anyone hurt my sister.”

“Then you should stop bullying Sakura-sensei!! Cuz she is sister of someone too!!”

“No but, try to understand her, she is your teacher she is like second parents to you, you should respect her not hurt her.”

Taro moved her on the ground ashamed she know Akira is right, it’s her mistake which makes Sakura-sensei get angry at her.
“I will try!!”

“Good!!” Saying this Akira stood up from her seat and walked outside.
Sighing Taro runs her hand over her hairs. Cursing she stood up and run outside, after Aki, before she can get far Taro run toward her and grabbed her arm gently spinning her around.

“Hey!!I understand that you are mad at me for bullying my teacher, but trust me I promise I wouldn’t do it again, promise!!” She smiles showing her pinky finger. Returning smile Aki interviewed her pinky fingers with Taro’s
“I will keep my eye on you.”

“Eh!!What are you, spy.”
“A ghost!!” Aki joked and laughed. “I have to go since it’s getting late.” Aki rubbed her hand together.

“Want me to walk you to the home?” Taro offered.
“Nah, thanks, besides my apartment is closer so no need for that, take care.” Waving Aki walked away.

Taro watched as Aki back disappear she sighed and rubbed her neck back.
“Eh!You seem worried about letting her go alone.” Taro rolled her eyes at her friend annoying voice.

“Awwww~~She falls in love how cute!!” Jurina bumped Taro’s should playfully while smirking.
“It’s my duty to keep every girl safe!!” Taro explained glaring at them.

“Awww~~ did you hear it guys, duty she said!!” Laughing they make their way toward the house, Jurina hides her hand inside Jori jacket pocket warming her hands, while Sayanee locked Taro’ neck with her arm and dragged her along.

“Onesan!!” Taro called her sister taking the small box from her pocket and handing her. “Here for you!!”

“What’s that?” Sayanee asked taking the small box and opening it her eyes widened as she saw the beautiful silver ring.

“You wanted a ring for your soon to be a wife, so I decide to gift you grandma ring.”

“But…that’s yours, grandma gave it to you!!” Sayanee asked shocked.

“Now, it’s yours!!” Taro smiled. Sayanee surprised her by bear hug as she shed happy tears.
“Arigatou Imoto, this mean a lot to me!”
“And you mean lot to me Onesan!!”

Neechan’s POV


I stared into space as my mind wandered around. The mission Sae had given me this time is hard to finish. I can’t do it, I can’t kill me, classmate, I can’t kill someone innocent. It’s different when it comes to killing Yakuza, but killing someone just because she is enemy’s girlfriend is different. I don’t kill a family member.
Sighing for the sixth time, I stared at Aya, who was sipping her coffee while waiting for Shawn. What happened to me? I’m not usually like this. When did I start caring all of sudden?

Suddenly my mobile phone rang, scaring me. Picking up the cellphone from the table, I looked at the caller ID and pick up the call.
“Finish her!!” Sae ordered and cut the call.
Putting my phone back on the table, my eyes moved toward Aya, as I placed my hand inside the jacket pocket, touching my gun. I closed my eyes, taking a breath, and I tried to take the gun out, but my hand trembled. Clenching my hand, I took the gun out and hid it under the napkin. Placing my finger on trigger, I tried to aim at her forehead, but failed.
“Fuck!!” I put my gun back and straightened my clothes.

I’m done working for Sae. Picking my cell phone up, I dialed Ruka’s number and called her. After the third ring, she answered.
“What?” She asked in an annoyed tone.
“Sae didn’t learn his lesson!!” I said. “This time, he targets your son!!”
“That son of bitch!! I should have killed him instead of cutting his hand!!” She growled through the call.

“Send me his location,” she then ordered.

Cutting the call, I emailed Ruka Sae’s new place location.
Suddenly the cafe door opened, relieving Shawn, who walked toward Aya and hugged her. Worriedly looking around himself, he grabbed Aya’s hand and took her outside toward his car. Sitting in the car, he drove away.

Taro’s POV

Closing my eyes I raised my face up, letting the tear fell down. My hand clenched over my shirt as I cried, letting all the pain and guilt out. This isn’t how I wanted things to end up, not like this. I wanted to save them.
But instead, I killed them. I destroyed my life with my own hands. I felt ashamed of myself. Only if I had let things go the way they were going, this day would never have come.
Wiping my tears, I opened my eyes and looked at the sunset. The view was beautiful, as usual. With a trembling hand, I reload the gun, aiming at my head. My breath shakened as I tried to pull the trigger.
There is nothing left for me to live for. They were everything of mine and I lost them because of my stupidity. I can’t spend my all life with guilt and anger.
“What are you doing??” A voice startled me quickly taking the gun out of my mouth I turned around.

“What are you doing with that gun??” She asked shocked. Stepping closer, she raised a brow as her eyes bored into mine.
“Nothing!!” I lied hiding the gun behind my back.
“Are you committing suicide?” She asked angrily
“What?! No! This isn’t a real gun! It’s just a toy that I was playing with.”

Jumping off the bridge, I was about to tug the gun inside my pants but something caught my eyes. Raising my eyes, I looked behind Sakura-sensei.
“Hand me that gun!!” Sakura-sensei reached her palm beckoning  her fingers.

But my attention was on the black SUV. I watched it carefully as the tinted glass window slid down, relieving men with the sniper in his hand. Without a doubt, I know his target is Sakura-sensei.
Quickly I aimed my gun towards him and fired at his car, scaring him. Grabbing Sakura-sensei’s arm, I ran as fast as I could, hearing the gunshots behind me as I did my best to find a shield for Sakura-sensei.
We continued running until I found an old car. Rushing towards it, we hid behind it, breathing heavily.
“What the hell going on??” Sakura-sensei asked catching her breath.
I offered her smile. “Seems like Ruka found out about your relationship with Shawn and decided to kill you.” I scared her.
“What?! We broke up yesterday!!” Sakura-sensei screamed as they fired at the car.
“Then his enemy may be after you!!” I replied, checking my bullets. I should thank Ruka for teaching me how to use a gun.
Taking my mobile phone out and turning on the camera, I raised it, looking at the amount of enemies through its screen. All thanks to the action movies. There were six men, and I only have four bullets.
How the hell would I kill all of them, just with four bullets? Even though I’m the street fighter, I can’t fight them because firstly, I’m still in process of healing old injuries that I got from that bitch who stabbed me. And secondly, this doesn’t seem like any other normal fight. I’ve been fighting with their assistants, and killing an assistant isn’t easy.
Think Taro!! Think!! I slapped my forehead.
“Can you roll?” I asked Sakura-sensei.

“What??” She asked covering her ears.
“Can you roll on the ground, like an army soldier??”Thinking for a moment, she nodded her head.
“Ok! You’re gonna have to roll over that rock and hide behind it. I will cover you and then we will run toward the bus station. Okay?”
“Okay!!” She nodded and rolled over the rock as I told her.

Reloading my gun, I raised my body and fired at one of the men, injuring his leg, and then shoot another bullet, aiming at his forehead. Ducking my head down, I quickly rolled toward the rock.
Grabbing Sakura-sensei’s hand, we ran at full speed towards the bus station. The men followed us while firing at us. Trying our best to dodge the bullets, we arrived at the bus station and stopped to catch our breaths.
“Where the hell did I put myself because of you?!” I groaned breathing deeply.
The bus came into view. Holding my gun, I stared at the men as they were approaching us fast as possible. As the bus stopped, I pushed Sakura-sensei inside.
“You go!!”
“What?No!! I’m not going without you!!” She insisted.

“Just leave!!”
“I can’t leave without you!! You are my student, it’s my responsibility to look after you!!”

She added grabbing me by my shirt. I pushed her hand away gently.
“Do it at the class, not here! Now go!!”

Jumping out of the bus, I run toward the men to stop them as I heard Sakura-sensei yelling my name as the bus drove away.
I shielded myself behind the rock, waiting for them to come. As one man approached, I grabbed him by his shirt and fired at his forehead, the blood splashed out hitting my face. Grabbing his gun, I shielded myself behind him as the other fired at me.

I threw my rifle at him. He groaned as the rifle hit him, injuring his head. Quickly, I rushed forward and kicked his knee hard. As he bends down to hold his neck, I grabbed his head and smacked it on my knee. He cried in pain while holding his wound. Smirking, I smacked my boot on his face, smashing it.
Thank God I’m safe!! I sighed relief and walked toward the big rock and sat on it. I hope Sakura-sensei is fine. Not long after, a white car pulled in front of me. Arching my brow, I walked toward it as I saw a familiar face.
Opening the passenger door, I hopped in and greeted inspector Kashiwagi.
She took a handkerchief from her pocket and handed it to me.
“Seems like you had a bad day.” She said.
“I was trying to save someone’s ass!!” I retorted, wiping the sweat and dirt off my face.
“And you got your ass beaten instead.” She chuckled lightly.
“So how did you find me?” I asked getting to the point.
“I have my ways.” She replied, looking at dead bodies that were lying not far from us. “I found out what Sae wants from Ruka.”
“There are hidden drugs inside the school that costs billions. He is after them.”
My eyes widened as my jaw dropped. “D-drugs?! Inside the school?!”
“He used to be a student there. With the help of his little gang, he stole drugs and hid them in the school, since that’s the only safe place where no police can go.”
“Wow!! That school sure has a lot of history!!”
“I think Sayanee and Jurina’s deaths also have to do with those drugs,” Inspector Kashiwagi said, starting the car engine to take me out of here.

“You should find those drugs and take them out of here so we can find more information about it.” She advised.
Arriving my house, she patted my shoulder encouraging me.
“I will protect you.”

Opening the door, I walked toward the house. The house was empty. Taking my shoes off, I went to my room, taking my clothes off. I took a hot bath, cleaning myself off. All the time, I couldn’t stop thinking about the drugs and how Sayanee and Jurina were involved with it. Did they used to work for Sae? Why did they want drugs? Sighing, I shut off the light and jumped on the bed, closing my eyes as I drift into sleep.
The next morning, I was first one to wake up. Of course, I would wake up first since I had to find the drugs.
After taking a quick shower, and brushing my teeth, I put on my school uniform, since I’m not looking for any kind of trouble today. I want to focus on the drugs.
Grabbing my bag and keys, I run downstairs, skipping breakfast. I unlocked my car, hopping in, and drove to the school as soon as possible.
Arriving the school, I parked my car in the usual spot and ran inside the school. I entered my English class to put my bag on my seat, but my body slammed into the back of Sakura-sensei.
“You come early today!!”I can feel amused hint in her tone. She probably thought I came for study, but how wrong she is.
“Smart students should be the first ones to arrive!!” I smiled, blinking my eyes cutely.
“Thanks for the yesterday.” She thanked with a soft tone.
“No need for that! It’s my duty!”
“But I still want to know where and why you brought a gun with you?” She asked sitting on her chair, crossing her legs.
“Ruka gave it to me for protection. I was practicing there to see how skilled I have become.” I lied, which she didn’t believe but decided to let it go.
I sat on my seat, taking my books out. I stared at the page thinking about the drugs again. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know when class started and finished. I got startled as Sakura-sensei shook my body.
“Are you okay?” She asked worriedly.
“I have been calling for a while, but you never responded!”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking about something. What happened?” I asked, looking around the empty class.
“Class finished.”
Rubbing my face, I picked up my things and walked out, heading toward the Art class and surprised by the messy classroom. The windows were broken and a few chairs and tables flipped. Now, what happened here?
I watched as Jori and Neechan cleaning the class.
“What happened here?”
“I found it like this!!” Neechan replied, picking up the broken glass pieces and throwing them in the trash bin.
While Jori avoided my gaze, which says she knew what happened, a few seconds later, the students started filling the class. Sighing, I looked around, since I knew Sae or any other students who hid the drugs here would probably send someone to take those drugs out. There’s no way they’re leaving it behind.
Biting my pen, I stared at Akira. She is new here and her target would probably be drugs. That’s why she is after me since I’m close to Ruka, and the former class president. I know every corner of the school. That’s why she is always after me, trying to befriend with me, so she can get what she wants.
But by her looks, she doesn’t seem to be strong enough to fight with someone. Heck, she can’t even punch anyone. Shaking my head, I looked at Neechan.
Hmm….she is my underling for a good reason. I clearly remember when she said her dream is to become principal of this school. After becoming principal, she will own those drugs. I have to keep my eyes on her.
Turning around, I looked Mori, who was breaking the principal half and showing it inside the book. She had drawn a person whom I can’t see clearly who it was, but that person had hurt her because she was coloring it black at his face.
I shivered at her scary side. I glanced at Jori, who was rubbing her hands nervously. Her color had drained from her face as she trying to keep a distance from Mori. Something probably happened between them.
Moving on, I looked at Kahi. Well, this time, I’m sure as hell that she is after the drugs, because, first, she is Yakuza, and second, her target is me. As I said before, I know every corner of this school very well, so they can get what they want very easily.
Her confession for me is a lie; she only wants drugs. Kahi looked me and smiled. I replied with a glare, standing up and started walking downstairs. I knew where the drugs are, but I don’t remember it.

Everyone thinks that there are only seven floors in this school, but they are wrong. There are three more other floors that were closed for years. Nobody is allowed to go there.
In the past few years, students never listened to their teachers and they find a way to sneaks into those floors, so in order to stop them, Ruka decide to create a fake horror story.
She said a lonely girl who had a rough life killed herself there, and that there were rumors saying whoever goes there will get killed by her ghost hand.

I still remember when I was a transfer student, Ruka wasted fifteen minutes saying how I should never, ever enter the two floors, but she didn’t say anything about the third floor, so I always sneak there and enjoy my alone time.
Arriving at the first closed floor and finding it’s door lock broken was proof of someone being there before me. Pushing open the broken door, I walked inside.
The hall was dark, with broken windows and sunlight that were sneaking in through the shattered glass and tattered curtains. The floor was filled with dust and dirt. There was water leaking somewhere underground, and the smell was unbearable. Perfect image of a haunted house.
Tiptoeing, I roamed around the hall. After making sure it was empty, I looked for any kind of hidden tunnel, hole, or room where drugs could be hidden.
I bent down to look inside a strange hole that is big enough for human to enter. Scary shadows appeared behind me, scaring the shit of me. Gulping, I reached my hand to pick up a wooden stick and hit the person or thing behind me.

A familiar scent hit my nostrils, causing me to sigh in relief. Turning around, I tilted my head at her questionably.
“What are you doing here?” She asked in a calm tone while crossing her arms.
“That’s my question to ask you. What are you doing here?” I replied with a question.
“Keeping my eyes on people. Now answer me, what are you doing here?” Uncrossing her arms, she stepped closer, eyeing me suspiciously.
“Saving the world,” I replied proudly, standing in army position.
Rolling her eyes, she looked around the dark hall.

“Did you find anything yet?” She asked

“Hm?” I raised a brow. How did she even know what I’m looking for? “The drugs… Did you find them?” She asked again, explaining.
“H-how did you find out about drugs?”
“From Sayanee’s girlfriend.”
“What did she tell you?” I asked, secretly hoping Sayanee’s girlfriend doesn’t hate me or blame me her death.

Mori pov

I was sitting on my chair, drawing a garden and thinking how to make my day normal, far away from any kind of trouble, because of my health, when Mori came inside with the scariest expression.
“Why did you leave the hospital without the doctor’s permission?” She asked angrily. It reminds of myself how I used to scold Taro. I bet if I were a normal student, I would have started crying by now.
The sound of the desk slamming against the floor echoed loudly, bringing me back to the world. Blinking, I saw Mori, whose chest rose and fell as she breathed angrily.
“None of your business,” I replied keeping my emotional expression even though I’m a little scared.
“How can it not be my business when you are my friend?
Sighing, I shut my things and put them in the bags. I stood up and make my way outside but before I can take the first step, I felt a strong grip on my arm as Mori pushed my harshly on the wall, punching the window and smashing the glasses.
“I will do anything to keep you safe and alive!!” She whispered before storming out, leaving me stunned.
Chuckling, I ran my hand over my black hair. What the **** just happened?
“You okay??” Milky-sensei asked, coming inside the class.
“Yeah…..Just a little fight,” I replied, picking up my bag. There was still an hour left for the class to start.
“Can I have moment??”
“Sure.” Nodding, she walked towards her office as I followed her wondering what she wants.
Unlocking her office door, she entered and stepped aside, letting me inside. She then locked the door.
“For privacy!!” She explained as if she were reading my mind. Taking her coat off, she sat on the brown chair, as I sat front her.
“So… what do you need?”
“There is something important I want to share with you since you were Jurina’s girlfriend.”I nodded, trying to understand.
“At first, when the police told me that the accident happened because of Sayanee’s car’s brake failing, I didn’t believe. If it were true, it would mean someone was trying to kill them, which doesn’t make sense, since both of them were the kindest people I had ever seen. But after your explanation, I decided to look for information about their accident.”
“What did you find?” I asked trying to take all these information in.
“Someone had cut their brake wire.” She said while rubbing her hand.
“Who’s the bastard who did it?!’ Clenching my fists, I tried to calm myself. How could they have done that? Who could’ve wants to kill them? What did they do to them to deserve being killed?!
“I don’t know that yet, but it could be one of them.” Milky placed an old picture of few student on the table in front of me. One of them was a boy and the other three were girls.
“Who are they?”
“No idea. But they are, after the drugs that is hidden somewhere in this building.”
“What?! Drugs?!”
Milky nodded. “These student stole a huge amount of drugs from some drug dealer and hid it here, and I think they are back to get them, since Sayanee and Jurina were after them, and the accident is proof of it.”
“Why were they after those drugs?” I asked curiously.
“Because they work for Inspector Kashiwagi. They were undercover agents, I think. But before they can hand the information to Inspector Kashiwagi, the accident happened.” She explained while staring at students’ pictures.
Two of them look familiar to me. I wonder where I’ve seen them. “There are three closed floors. I thinks that’s where the drugs are hidden since the lock of first floor is broken.”
“All I have to do is keep my eyes on these empty classes so I can find them!!” I said.
Milky nodded in agreement.
“Thank you for sharing this information with me.” Standing up, I bowed my head in respect and walked toward the door.
“Be careful!!” Milky advised while opening the door. “Call me if you need my help.”
“I will!!” I walked back to the class finding Neechan cleaning the mess that made by Mori early, putting my bag on my seat I joined with her in cleaning.
After class, I went to the floor, in order to catch the culprit. I have to look for few hiding places where I can wait for them.
Arriving at the tenth floor, I walked in and was welcomed by the horrible smell of gas. Covering my nose, I continued my walk.
After passing a few classrooms, I saw a figure looking inside the hole. It didn’t take me long to figure out it’s from her back. She is like a ghost, you can see her anywhere.
And now here I’m standing, telling her about our chat with Milky. She sighed in relief, knowing Milky doesn’t hate, but soon, her expression turned into an angry one, as she thought about Sayanee and Jurina.
Both of them were the biggest part of our lives. Without them, we got separated, we get lost, trapped in darkness. They were our sunshine, who used to protect us from the shadows. Now that sun is gone and we’re left in the eternal night.
Suddenly, we heard footsteps approaching the main door. Grabbing Taro’s hand, I dragged her toward the broken cupboard, hiding inside it.
The door opened as someone walked in while holding a box of tools with her. Passing a few classrooms, she stopped at the last room. She unlocked the door and walked in. We heard the sound of tools hitting the floor.
Carefully, we walked out of our hiding place and stalked her, watching her carefully as she pushed a few tables and carpets away, revealing a tunnel. She opened it up, picking up her toolbox and jumped in.
I raised my brow. “Isn’t she part of your family??”
Taro shrugged.
Suddenly, a strange noise of digging came out of the tunnel.
“What’s that sound?” I asked, reaching out in front of the tunnel, trying to see what’s going on down there.
“OMG!!!” Taro’s eyes widened as something hit her mind. Her lips turned into a smile. Grabbing my arm, she ran downstairs to the eighth floor.
“What’s going on?” I asked trying to keep my pace.
Ignoring my question, she laughed evilly while entering the Eighth floor. Running, we stopped in front of the old library.
Letting go of my arm, she walked inside the library while pushing heavy books and tables out of the way, clearing the path.
“How come I didn’t think of it before!!” She murmured pushing the tables away. I wanted to help her, but can’t because of my sickness.
After finishing with cleaning, she opened a small closet while grinning.
“Found It!!” Taking her mobile phone out, she turned the flashlight on, shining the light inside the dark tunnel that was behind the closet.
“How did you know about this tunnel?” I asked.
“That floor used to be my favorite hiding spot, but a few annoying couples stole it from me.”
Entering into the tunnel. she let herself slip into the pipe while screaming. She arrived the floor and called my name, inviting me in.
Rolling my eyes, I sat at the top of the pipe. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and let myself slip into the pipe. It didn’t take long when I fell on something soft.
Opening my eyes, I looked around. The room was pitch dark. There wasn’t much oxygen in here.
“Where are we??”
“Inside the goldden cave!!” She replied giggling.
Raising a brow, I moved my gaze down on the floor. My eyes widened as I saw we were sitting on the huge bags of the drugs.
“Woah!!” was the only the thing come out of my mouth.
“Nao is stupid to think that she can reach here by digging on the tenth floor.”
“How can she forget where the drug is if she is the one who put it here?” I asked curiously.
“That’s because a long time ago, Ruka destroyed and build many classrooms which caused this place to get lost. Before, there used to be a classroom, but now she built a library on it.” She explained while standing up and counting the bags.
“How did you find this place??”
I watched her she tear the plastic off the bag, opening the drugs packet.
“Once upon the time, I was chilling in the library when suddenly, Sakura-sensei come in with her Ex-lover Shawn and they start making out here. Since I was looking for a way out of here, I hid inside the closet and from there, I found this place!!”
“Ughh!! They are too many! How the hell do we take them out of here?!” She asked in frustration.
“It’s not gonna be easy to take them out of here!! And we can’t do that alone, we need to find someone to help us.” I advised while looking around the room.
“We are alone now! We don’t have Jurina or Sayanee to help us!!”
“We aren’t alone! Besides, how we will take them out without being noticed by anyone?”
Crossing her arms, Taro stared at me while thinking.
“There is small window here!!” She pointed toward the window. “We will open that window, making it little bigger. Someone will have to wait outside with trolley so we can throw drugs back on it, then that person will take them toward the food truck and put them inside, and we will do it in the morning when class starts or during break time since any other time isn’t safe for us.”
“Easier said than done!”
“I know, but we can do it! Believe me, we can!!”
Sighing, I nodded my head. “Okay!! Gather your trusted friends.” 



Everything is fine: Chapter Nine


Kumi pov 

I rolled over in my bed, slightly opening my eyes as I come face to face with my alarm clock. My eyes grew wide seeing I had twenty minutes to dressed and get to work.

Throwing my pillow away I groaned. “Stupid fucking alarm. Why didn’t you go off?!”

Running into my bathroom, splashing water on my face and brushing my teeth as fast I could.
I ran back into my bedroom and brushed my dark brunette hairs and rummaged through my wardrobe grabbing my clothes I put them on, I ran downstairs, and grab my handbag and important paperwork. putting my shoes on I fled out of my door.

I speed walked to the school, once the school was in my sights, I slowed my pace down, pulling my phone out of my pocket, I checked the time. homeroom will be starting in five minutes.
Sighing I walked into the school and greeted by walking student, smiling at them I ran up the stairs to the third level, running around the hallways until I see my classroom. Sighing in relief as I stepped my first foot into the classroom, the bell rung, causing a student to run inside and take their seats.

As I sit on my seat and took my register to mark all the present students. Suddenly my phone buzzed inside my jeans pocket,putting my red pen on the table, I take my phone out and looked at the home screen, I got one email from my sister, rolling my eyes, I locked my screen and put it back and continue calling student name.
Excluding Taro and Jori all the student presented. Putting my register under the table, as I was about to start my lesson my phone buzzed again.
What the hell she wants. Groaning I took my phone and opened her email, my eyes widened, for a moment my heart stopped beating, my hand trembled with fear, as I stared at Sakura photo, she were tied to the chair.
I clenched my phone tightly as I breathed heavily controlling my anger.

“Can you save her Ku~mi~?”

Running my hand through my hairs, I looked around. “I’m afraid that I have to go, something urgent come up, Kahi if you don’t mind can you handle the class. I’m sorry!!”Not waiting for her reply I grabbed my hand bag and ran outside, speeding up toward my house, I took my door key out of my bag with trembling hands and locked the door.

Entering my house I ran upstair toward my bedroom and rummaged through my drawer searching for the gun, once I found it I take my heel off and wear a boot. hiding a gun under my jeans pant, I ran outside locking my house door, I walked in the garage, unlocking my car and climbing in I start the engine I drove toward our old school where held Sakura captive.

Neechan pov

“I want to know how she found out about me?” Sae said to Yukka.
I sighed rolling my eyes, seriously this men….

“When will you give up?” I asked annoyed as I crossed my arms and stared at his bandaged arm.

“Until I see her suffering and begging for me to stop.” he replied in venom.

“This day will never come.”
“Oh, my lovely sister, I will make you see that day.” He laughed evilly at the thought of his dirty plan. “Just you wait and see”

He then got up from his bed and took his coat putting it on as he walked outside. I followed him soon after.

We sat in the black SUV as he ordered the driver to take us toward Ruka’s school.
“About Taro…” I wanted to know what will he do about Taro but he stops me holding his hand in the air.

“Forget about her, you won’t see her much in school from now.” He smirked.

“What you mean?” I asked shocked. No idea why I’m feeling scared at the thought of hearing her death. Even though I hate her I don’t want her to die.
“Don’t worry about her and focus on taking over the school.” He suggested.

I stared at him suspiciously but decide to focus on now. Soon we arrived School, smiling Sae get out of the car and walked toward the door and sat on the main door. I wonder what he planning, crossing my arm I stared him as he puffed his smoke.
After long waiting, the final bell rang letting the student rush out of their class and run toward their house, Sae waited until Shawn came in the review, throwing his fifth smoke and tug his hand inside the pocket and walked toward him gently and greeted him. Shawn first looked confused, wondering who is that, but soon he shakes Sae hand as they start talking and few minutes Shawn expression turned shocked at whatever Sae told him. I sighed shaking my head, I wished if Ruka cut his tongue instead of his hand, so he wouldn’t able to talk again.

Then again he would write, she should cut his hand and tongue too, so he wouldn’t able to talk or write again, nice idea, I should be awarded by Ruka. I laughed at my own plan.

Okay, seriously I need to find a way to stop him, but how?Shall I tell Ruka about his new plan? I should make move in perfect time.

Sae come back as he finished filling Shawn mind with his devil plan since I can see him smirking. Opening the car door he sat in and ordered the driver to take him to his house.

“So…what did you tell him?”

“Well, I told him the truth about me being his father who got kicked out by his devil of a mother. At first, he didn’t believe me, but he started to after I showed him our picture. Now all I have to do is wait for his call.” He chuckled and turned his face to the window.

Nice plan. wish you luck…..not.

I know what you are guys thinking, why I don’t support? he is my brother, after all. Well, I used to support him and did everything he told me to, ever since I was around ten years old.

But one day, I heard him talking over the phone, saying how he can’t wait to take over Ruka’s school because, inside the school, there are a drug worth billions of dollars buried somewhere, and he craves it. He’s such bastard,I know.

But there is one thing I don’t understand is, why he doesn’t beg for Ruka’s forgiveness, it’s easier than creating those evils plan which never gonna work.

Mori pov

I love the feeling of snow touching my skin. The way the white solid figure of a cotton falls from the sky and melt when it touch my body.
I closed my eyes, letting the drop of tears slide down of my eyes and roll over my cheeks sighing I opened my eyes. The whole city had covered in snow. As endless of snow continue falling from the sky.
“I’m sorry but your organs don’t match Jori’s.”

I can’t take doctor voice out my mind, it’s hurt me knowing I can’t save Jori. The one person I feel most for, the person I’m closest with, I feel so useless.

“Are you okay?” My Mom’s voice startled me.

I turned around to see her cold yet gentle eyes staring back at me worriedly.


She took a step closer, standing beside me.

“It’s beautiful…..” She whispered.

I caught her eyes staring out at the city view. “The snow can be beautiful yet painful at the same time.” I raised an eyebrow. “Beautiful to look at from far, but painful if we stay in it.”She said not taking her eyes off the snow. I tilted my head confusedly as my eyes trailed toward the snow.

“The dinner is ready!!” My mother yelled from downstairs. Turning around My Mom walked out of my room as I followed her, we walked to the kitchen and found my mother putting dishes on the table, she smiled looking at my Mom, who leaned in capturing her lips, kissing her gently.

Seriously, I fake coughed and sat on my chair.

“What?” My mother glared annoyed. I shivered.

“Nothing, just you guys are kissing….”
“So what?”She spat. “Not like we doing some kind of drug.”

My mother hates when someone interrupts her sweet moment.I smiled sheepishly and start eating.

After finishing my dinner I walked back to my room. Taking hot bath I changed into my pajamas and jumped on the bed hiding under the blanket, I fall asleep while thinking about my Mom words.

Next morning, I wake up early getting ready and skipping breakfast I rush to the hospital to visit Jori, It becomes hard for me to spend a day without her.

Knocking lightly on the door I opened the door and walked in, she did woke up yesterday evening but because of school, I wasn’t able to visit her. Stepping closer I sat on the nearest chair and stared at her beautiful face.

I don’t mind staying like this and watch her sleeping all day. I sighed while staring at my watch, I have to go school, even though I didn’t want I don’t have choice. Quietly getting up I leaned in and Kissed her forehead before walking toward the school.

Taro pov

“Rise and shine, my love!!” My slumber was rudely interrupted by somebody’s loud and cheerful voice, she probably need to die by my hands.

Groaning, I rolled over to lay on my stomach, but yelped as pain spread across my body.

Ugh!What kind of situation is this?!
I felt someone pull the blanket off me, making me shiver from the cold air.
“Leave me alone!!” I spat angrily at whoever ripped the blanket off me.

“Are you planning to sleep all the day?” I heard beautiful voice say.

Opening my eyes I turned around and looked at angel like girl. I smiled sheepishly at her and tried to sit up, but a pain shot over my body.
Yelping I laid back while holding my chest where that bitch had stabbed me.

My eyes widened as the realization hit me…..I’m not safe.

Adjusting to the pain, I got up from the bed, still holding the wound. I walked toward the bathroom. But stopped as I sensed Kahi walking behind me.

“Why are you following me?” I asked looking at her.

“Can I join with you?” She asked sadistically.

“Of course you can, if you want a broken leg or missing tooth.” I said with a glare before turning away.

I slammed the door in her face and locked it as I entered the bathroom.

After taking a warm shower and changing into some new clothes that Kahi gave me, I sat back on my bed and watched the snow fall outside

The nurse then came and replaced my bandages and gave me some painkillers before leaving.

Soon after,Kahi walked in holding an empty plate and basket of fruits. Placing them on the table, she sat down and started slicing one of the apples with a knife.

I carefully watched her every move, eying like prey.
“How was the school?” I asked without taking my eyes off the knife.

“Same as usual, Sakura-sensei and Kumi-sensei were absent, though.” She finished cutting the apple and offered me a slice.
“I….don’t like apple!”

“Apples will help you, Don’t you know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” She said with smirk, holding out the plate of apple slices

“But!!” I try to retaliate, but I was silenced by her glare. Pouting I took the piece in my mouth and chewed on it.
“Good girl!” Smiling widely she continue feeding me. I swear once I will able to stand on my own feet, I’m gonna take revenge by feeding her food she hates.
Once I finished eating the whole apple, she took the empty plate and walked out.

Hissing in pain, I stood up and walked out of the room, roaming around the mansion.
Kahi’s mansion was bigger than ours. There were eight bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room, kitchen, library, and two rooms with the doors shut, only God knows what’s in them.

I continued walking until I reached the garden. My smile widened as I walked out bare foot into the snow. I shivered as the cold wind hit my body. I giggled and reached out my hand, letting the snow fall onto my palm and slowly melt on my skin.
I flinched as I felt someone wrap a warm blanket around me.

“You’ll catch a cold!” A familiar voice spoke, causing me to turn around and met a pair of dark brown eyes staring into mine.
She stepped closer, wrapping the blanket more around me.

I never asked anyone before, because of fear of knowing the answer. I feared I would hate the answer they gave me. So I just let them do what they wanted.

But now, I can’t help but wonder. Even though I’m still afraid that the answer will hurt me and destroy me, I want to know.

I want to know what she wants from me. I took a deep breath, gathering my courage, and asked, “Why did you bring me here? What do you want?” My voice was weak

Licking her lips nervously she answered me. “You!”


“Taro….I want you! No!! I need you…….” She whispered as her eyes stared deeply into mine. “The moment I laid my eyes on you…”

I held my hand out, stopping her. My hand was trembling, I can’t tell if it’s from the cold or from fear. I didn’t knew what to do but I got scared, I wanted to run away from here, I wanted run without looking behind me, but I can’t since I’m injured badly.

Kahi pov

Yakuza fights were always awful, and dangerous. Once they start, there’s no stopping until they win, and that only happens when the leader is killed.

Something like that happened to us. For the first time, we faced our biggest enemy yet, and we fought with our lives. Many of our men died, some losing parts of their body, but my mother didn’t stop. She kept fighting, because she knew if we lost, all of our hard work would be for nothing.
And then, the day finally came when their leaders decided to face each other one on one. But that bastard didn’t come alone, it was a rough fight.

The ground was covered with blood as I continued to fight the hundreds of men faced against me. I didn’t give up, I didn’t want to lose. I fought with all I had.until I fell to the ground, a trail of blood flowed from my head, my lips busted. My hands trembled as I tried to stand up, but my body betrayed me as I fell back down.

I breathed heavily as I could see their leader was laughing at me.

“Is that all you got, princess?!” One man mocked at me, laughing.

I coughed up blood and smiled when one of his men, holding a bat came to beat me, but stopped when a sweet voice spoke from behind.

“What’s so manly about hitting a woman?”

The man turned to look at her. I, too, wanted to get up and see the face of my savior.
“Huh?! Who the hell are you?!” he asked, but didn’t get a reply. I heard heal clicking voice as my savior approached me and covered me with her black coat,I wanted to see her face but. because of the darkness, I couldn’t able to see.

After putting the coat on me, she started to fight against the yakuza. I can hear her punching and kicking, but my body was growing tired and threatening to give out on me completely, begging for rest.
My eyes slowly closed as I gripped the coat and slowly drifted into dreamland.

The next day, I opened my eyes and found myself in the hospital. My mother was very happy, as she praised me for killing a hundred yakuza members, along with their leader, all by myself. They were all injured when she arrived, so she finished them off herself.
Then I told my mother the story of the mystery woman who saved me. Once I finished, she gave me the black coat which I received from the savior. I hugged the coat, inhaling the sweet fragrance. I put it on with a smile, putting my hand in one of the pockets and finding a wallet.

I took it out and opened it, finding an ID card. I smiled as I read her name.

“Taro Kikuchi! What a beautiful name for a strong lady!”

I giggled and called my men, asking them to search for her and find all the info they could.

After hard waiting of months, I finally found her, but I was late since the police had captured her already in the crime of drunk driving at the underage. I was too late to reach for her, to know her and to thank her for saving me.

I decided to wait for her. While she was fighting in jail, I trained my men to become stronger, so we can able to protect our family better and become more powerful yakuza.

The day I was waiting finally and Taro got released from jail, but I was out of the country for some Yakuza business. Finishing my work quickly, I returned, but I didn’t know how I would meet her. Even if I met her, what would I say to her? So I decided to join her school with fake ID since I wasn’t a teenager.

And then finally, the day came when I met her face to face. Taking my chance, I took her to my home, so I can help her and know more about her. I can’t stop smiling since she comes to my house, it felt as imagining.

But, everything broke down as I confess my feeling to her, she looks scared and confused, as if she is dreaming. Instead of answering, she stepped backward slowly as if afraid I will hurt her.

“Taro!!” I whispered stepping forward, but she continues walking backward.

Shaking her head, she turned away and run toward the main door but got stopped by my guards.

“Wait! Taro!” Rushing toward her I grab her arm gently. “Let me take you to your house, since you can’t walk there.” I offered, signaling my men to bring the car. They bowed and walked away and returned with the car.

Opening the passenger door, I invited her in. Tiptoeing forward, she sat inside as I gently closed the door behind her and walked to the driver seat. Opening the door, I hopped inside, starting the engine and started driving.
The entire way, Taro stayed silent as she stared at her hands. I didn’t want to rush things so I decided to give her some time to herself. 30 minutes later, we arrived her house. I stopped my car in front of her house.

“We are here!” I announced.

Without replying, she opened the door and walked out, shutting the door behind her. She walked toward her house, all while I stared at her back as she entered her house and closed the door. I sighed in frustration and drove back to my house.

Kumi pov

Arriving at the burden old school, I parked my car on the driveway, Taking a deep breath I took out my gun, making sure it was loaded. Getting out of the car, I rushed inside the building. The school was pretty dark, Carefully I keep walking while holding my gun with both hands.

My heart started pounding as I walked toward one of the classroom doors. Opening it quietly, I walked in and looked around. The room was empty. Sighing, I walked out and continued looking through every classroom until I finished looking through all of them. There was nothing anywhere, so I decided to walk upstairs.

I took each step quietly, not wanting to bring any attention. Arriving on the second floor, I saw two men guarding the door as they had their guns on. Reloading my gun, I fire at them with my soundproof gun. In a matter of minutes, I took both of them down. I continued my way towards the door they were guarding.

Twisting the doorknob, I opened the door up but froze as I heard ticking sound. Turning around, I run downstairs, but the bomb went off. I flew back and landed against a wall, gasping from the pain.

I tried to get up, but a gun barrel was pointed at my chest. I quickly reacted and kicked him to the floor, struggling to get on top of the man. I punched his hand and the gun flew out of it as he tried to hit me with other. He missed and grabbed it, ramming my elbow into it hearing a cracking sound, followed by a cry of pain. I took a chance to grab a knife that was on his belt, turned it around with one hand, and stabbed him in the chest.

He gasped and then stopped breathing. I knew he was dead. Wiping the sweat off my face, I stood up, taking my gun, and continued looking for Sakura. Until I went to the third floor, I saw Sakura tied to a chair with tape covering her mouth.

I tried to run over to her, but there was a strong glass wall keeping me from her. I saw that the bomb was strapped to her chest, my eyes widened as the timer only had one minute’s Sakura screamed and cried, but her voice was blocked by the tape.

My eyes roamed around, looking for any helpful thing that can break the glass. Sadly, I found nothing.

“Damn it!” I pounded frustrated on the glass wall. I punched and kicked the glass as the timer was counting down. My body was shaking with fear as my heart pounded hard inside my chest.

No! I can’t lose her, I can’t!! Angrily, I continued punching till my knuckles start bleeding. I screamed as the timer had 30 seconds left.

“KIMOTO!!! KIMOTO!!!” I yelled as tears rolled over my cheeks. I kneeled on the ground. “Please stop this!! I BEG YOU!! PLEASE STOP THIS!! DON’T DRAG HER INTO THIS!!”

Wiping my tears, I stood up and looked around, searching any sign of Kimoto.

“It’s me that you want!! I’m here for you, so please stop this! Don’t take an innocent life!! JUST TAKE ME!!”

The bomb beeped as the timer counted, only ten seconds left.

“No!! Kimoto!! I BEG YOU, STOP! I BEG YOU!”

The timer continued. A painful scream left from my lips as two seconds remained. Slamming myself on the glass, I looked at Sakura’s eyes and mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ and closed my as the bomb went off. My body flew from the left side and hit against the wall. My ears rang as I tried to rub my eyes. Adjusting to the pain, I tried to get up, and with my blurry eyes, I saw a figure approach me.

“Tsk, tsk, look at yourself,” Kimoto smirked as she bent down and held my chin between her fingers. “Hope you knew how it’s feel losing loved one!!”

Letting my chin go, she walked away, leaving me behind.

Slipping a moment, I get up and rushed toward Sakura, releasing her. With my shaky hand, I tore the tape off her mouth and hugged her tightly, sobbing. I can’t believe I was about to lose her.

“Kami..!!” Sakura whispered, breaking the I held her hands in my and looked for any injury.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded. Smiling, I captured her lips, kissing her deeply.

Jori POV

It was a mistake. The whole thing  was a mistake, I shouldn’t have talked with Mori or tried to befriend with her. It was all a huge mistake.

Everything would have been fine and going fine if I didn’t let myself fall for her, or let her fall for me.

Taking bandage out of my hand and throwing it in the dustbin, I cracked my fingers and hand slowly, adjusting of the pain. I grabbed my school bag and walked out, Ignoring my parents, who were giving me pity look. I don’t need anyone pity, I’m not that weak.
Arriving the school, I hopped out the car and walked inside, I left the without permission, my coach were very angry, but I don’t care. I stopped caring.

Walking into class, I sat on my chair and put my books on the table. Soon, the bell rung as the students start filling into the classroom. Everyone including Mori came in and sat at their desks.

“Jori!!” Mori whispered shocked as she sat beside me. I continued staring at my book, ignoring her. “What are you doing? You supposed to be in the hospital, not here!!”

The door swung open as Taro came in, wrapped in bandages. I raised a brow at her as our eyes meet. She tilted her head confused, then broke the stare as Kahi came in and held Taro’s arm gently, causing her to flinch. Turning around, she glared at her. Kahi showed her black coat and whisper something into her ear.

Looking at Kahi confused, she took the coat and sniffed it inhaling the scent.

“Jori??” Mori’s voice took my attention away from them, I looked at Mori’s worried eyes my heart shuttered as I saw her red eyes, she probably was crying. Sighing I turned my eyes away and continue reading my book.

Soon, the teacher comes in, looking tired. I raised my brow at the teacher as I saw she was wearing bandages, too. Seriously, what in the world going on? Why does everyone looks injure? Is it injuring day or what?

Kumi-sensei continues calling student’s name. Sighing, I turned around to take my notebook out, but froze as I saw Aya sitting on the chair, staring into space like a ghost, she isn’t moving one bit as if she were stone.

Clearing my throat, I took my notebook and listened to the teacher as she was calling out names of who’d be partnered up.

“Aya with Shawn!” She called, causing Aya to get nervous as she moved her chair closer to Shawn.

“Aki with Neechan!” Neechan rolled her eyes as she sat with Aki who give a full-hearted smile.

“Airin with Churi.” Airin groaned, glaring at Churi, who simply ignored her and sat beside her.

“Mori with…” I shook my head when the teacher looked at me and was about to call my name. “Kahi!”

I sighed in relief.
“Jori with Taro.” Standing up Taro walked toward my seat and sat on the chair.

“Okay guys, start putting the tattoos on your partner,” Kumi-sensei ordered as she went on her desk.

“Where do you want it?” I asked her. She rubbed her neck thinking.
“On my……neck!!” I rolled my eyes as she opened her shirt and turned around, showing me her neck. Picking the cotton ball, I wet it and rubbed it on her neck.

“Jori!” She whispered.


“Where is Jurina?” She asked. My hand froze as I stared at her neck.

I gulped as my finger continue rubbing her neck with wet cotton. “I keep calling her but her number is switched off. Why?”

I breathed deeply. “She can’t pick up your call…”

“Because she is in heaven. She died with Sayanee…”

She grew pale as a ghost. “What?!”

Her body start shaking with fear, as she clenched her fist.

“Ruka hide her name from the newspaper. She probably didn’t want you to find out that you killed your sister and best friend!!”

Aya pov

Things were going fine… That is, every day, I go to Shawn house. There, we spend time together, doing homework, helping each other. Every day, we tell each other how our day went and what we did. Yesterday was like this too, I went to Shawn house, we did homework, and Shawn told me how he meets his father.

The day went fine until we decide to have some shots together. We continue drinking till we could barely walk.

I don’t remember what happened after that, but in the morning, when I woke up, I was in Shawn’s bed naked so was he, I can’t believe that we slept together.

I can’t take my mind off of whatever happened and how I could possibly be pregnant now. What will my parents say?! And knowing Shawn’s mother, she probably will try to kill me. I sighed in frustration.
How can I be so stupid?! I want to jump off the school right now!

“Ano… Where you would like to have a tattoo?” Shawn asked nervously avoiding my eyes. Without replying anything I showed him my arm. Nodding his head he rubbed wet cotton on my arm. My muscles tensed, I felt his soft fingers caressing my arm.

I let my eyes stare elsewhere but Shawn, I can’t look at him in the eye. Shawn’s finger tapped on the paper on my arm and gently tapped a cotton ball on it, Tingles traveled in waves. I can’t tell why I’m feeling whatever I’m feeling but I have to stop myself.

“About yesterday night!!” Shawn whispered. I froze gulping. “We should forget about it.” My heart dropped as I bit my lips controlling my tears. How can I forget that? “It was a mistake, we were too drunk to know what not do, I hope we can stay as friends.” I nodded.
“You are right, It was nothing but a mistake.”


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Everything is fine: Chapter Eight


Neechan pov

“How is things going on?” Sae asked while kissing his one-night girlfriend.

Rolling my eyes I sipped my beer. “Worst, no matter how hard I work Ruka never notice me, her eyes always spark at Taro.Every work of her is like gold for Ruka.” 

Emptying my glass I slam it on the table.
“Sir!!” TanoYuuka enter in the room bowing her head. “I’m very sorry!!” She apologized causing me to roll my eyes, another failer.
“I was about to finish her but some ladies come over, I think they may heard her screaming.” She looked at the floor ashemed.

Growling I kicked the chair and stepped closer to her face grabbing her by hair. “You can’t even handle one person!!”

Sae laughed clapping his hand. I arched brow questionaly. “What’s so funny??”

“Don’t get mad at her, it was just warning for her, to stay out of kikuchi family,beside we can kill her anytime you know.” He smirked showing me his gun as he wiped it with his coat.
“Warning!! You think she fear of guns and knife?Where did you get that stupid idea from?” I roared angrily. does he really think warning will stop her.

“She may hate Ruka, but she is loyal dog to Kikuchi family, there is no way to stop her from being part of their family, you don’t know her.”

“So what? Just because she is loyal doesn’t mean Ruka is loyal to her too. We all know that Ruka just using her.”He smirked pouring wine for himself. He sure is stupid. That’s right Ruka is using her, but Ruka isn’t bad person as everyone sees her, she have heart too that got destroyed by him.

“Why you don’t just apologize to Ruka and become part of Kikuchi family?” I asked knowing he can never win aganist them.

He stopped whatever he were doing and looked at me. “Why would I apologize for?” He asked as his emtionless eyes bored into mine.

“For leaving her helpless? It wasn’t my mistake that she got pregnant, I already told her before that I don’t own enough money to make family, but she keep insiting.”

“But that’s doesn’t give you permmisson to leave her and your unborn child, do you have any idea how much she suffered?”
“She suffered because of her stupidness, I didn’t own her any apology.” Saying this he took his girlfriend and stromed out.

Closing my eyes I inhaled and ixhaled trying to control my anger. Suddenly my Mobile rung gaining my attention, picking up I looked at caller ID and answered.

“What is it Airin?” I asked annoyed.

“Hurry come tothe hospital, Taro got injuired badly.” She yelled.

“I’m on the way.” Sighing in frustration I walked outside and hopped in my car driving toward the hospital.

Thirty minutes later I arrived to the hospital, parking my car in the parking-lot I turned my the engine off, Looking at my reflection through the reaeview mirror I straightened my hair and clothes, readying myself to face angry Ruka, she probably want to kill me or lacture me for hours.
I just don’t understand why she always let spy after spy. Why she cares about her that much for letting me after her, what she want from her.

Getting out of the car I walked into the hospital, and greeted by strong smell of medicine. Ugh I hate medicine. Covering my nose I walked toward VIP section and found Ruka talking with Sakura-sensei and Kumi-sensei. What are they doing here?

Shrugging I stood few inches behind Ruka and listened their conversation.

“Don’t worry,Taro is my student too, it’s my duty to protect her.” Sakura-sensei politely reject whatever Ruka may offered them. So they saved her from Yuuka.

“If you excuce us we have to go.” Kumi-sensei excused herself.

“Of course.” Bowing they walked away leaving us alone. I cleared my throat to take Ruka attention.

“You!!” She roared gritting her teethes. here we go!!

“Where they hell you have been? Didn’t I ordered you to watch her 24/7?” She whisper-yelled.

“Gomennasai!! Please forgive me.” I bowed. Even though I hate bowing to that bitch I have no choice.
“How you want me to forgive you, when I was about to lose one of my familly member??” She growled. 

See no matter how much she use her, she never see her as Toy but as family member, which cause me to hate them more.

Cuz she never saw me as family member, Taro only spend five years with Ruka, yet I wasted eleven years serving her. and you tell me not to betray them.
“Find whoever behind it.” She ordered.

“Yes ma’am!!” I bowed my head again in hater, truning around, I faltered toward the lift, but stopped as an idea came. Smirking I walked back.

“I found him.”

“Who is it??” She asked taking her phone out probably to call her people to destroy him.

“It’s Miyazawa Sae!!” As soon as his name left my lips, The cell phone fell out of Ruka’s hand, her terrified eyes looked at me with hate and shock.

“W-What??” Her body trembled with anger, I asumed her legs got weak since she sat nearby bench and looked at me.

 “Miyazawa Sae??” She spook. I nodded.

“That bastard!!!” I never had seen Ruka like this. She hide her face between her hands. I can’t tell what’s going in her mind but whatever it is, probably not something good.
We stayed like this for hours, till doctor informed us that Taro had woke up. Nodding and Thanking him, Ruka rubbed her face and walked into her room closing the door behind.
Ruka pov

The monitor was beeping as her heart beating and her breathed was slow. Walking forward, I stood in front of her bed and stared at her, the bandage covered her forehead and chest, her eyes were open staring at the ceiling.

Reaching my hand out, I stroked her bangs gently, she fliniched with my touch, Her eyes looked at me with hate. Sighing, I pulled my hand back and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“How are you feeling now?”

“Alive!!” She replied coldly.

“Glad to know that.”

“What bring you here?” She asked annoyed, she hate when someone come to vist her in this condition, cuz it make her feel weak.

“To make sure you are alive.”

“Well,I’m alive and fine you can go back. I bet you were busy.” Rubbing my hands I licked my lips.

“Nee….why you didn’t tell me that you meet Sae?”I asked frozing her.

“I just meet him once…..and I thought he was crazy for saying that he is your husband, I didn’t believed him.” She replied nervously.I know she is lieing, something probably happened between them.

“So…It’s true?he is your husband?” She asked. I nodded in reply.
“But, that doesn’t matter, he isn’t part of my family anymore.” I bit my lower lips.
“What happened between you guys?” Carefully sitting on the bed she hold my hand comforting me.

“he left me, because I was pregnant and he didn’t own enough money to take care of us. So he run away, probably he never loved me or else he would take care of us, being father is happiest moment ever, at that time if he didn’t left me my child would be alive today.” I wiped my tears that flow out unnoticed.
“The child died?” Taro asked shocked.


“Then…Shawn, whose child he is?”
“He is orphan.I adopt him after one year of my child death.” Sighing I get up and smiled at her. “Take rest,I have some business to attend.”

“Okay!Take care.”

“You too.”

Straighting my clothes I walked out and found Neechan sitting on the bench. “Let’s go!!” I ordered. 

Time to show some outsider what it’s mean hurting my family.

I called my strongest mens ordering them to follow us.

“Take me to Sae house.” I order Neechan who nodded and gave location to the driver, starting engine he drove toward my Ex-husband house.

Half hour later the car stopped front his luxury house. I chuckled dryly. Checking my gun bullet, I hopped out the car and walked in as my men followed me. 

Without caring to knock the door I ordered my men to broke the door. Nodding they reached the door and with all the force they kicked the door.After few kicks the door fell to the ground with gaint ‘THUD’.
“WHAT THE GOING ON!!WHO THE FUCK KICKING MY DOOR??” Sae yelled angrily coming downstair but froze as his eyes meet mine. Smirk plastered on my lips as his color faded away.

“Hisashiburi nee… Sae.” Crossing my arms I walked in clamly as my eyes roamed around. “Nice house you got there.”

“H-how did you find me??” He shuttered.

“It’s not hard to find you, especially when you touch my family.”I death glared him.

“Look Ruka..I think you got some misunderstanding…I have no idea what are you talking about.”

I chuckled dryly at his stupid comment. “I don’t mind you hurting me, but when It’s come to my family, I don’t forgive anyone.” I singled my men to grap him and tie him.

“Seriously Ruka, are you trying to hurt me just because I hurt your favorite dog?”He yelled angrily and try escape from my men.

“Don’t touch me!!” He spat out angrily as my men tied him down to kneel him front me.

“Indeed, because when someone hurts your pet, you wish you could chop them up with a knife and feed them to wolves.” I replied with venom, Holding his left arm out on the table.

“Bring the grinder.” I ordered one of my men.

He bowed his head and rushed out, returning few minutes while holding grinder.

“W-what are you doing??” Sae asked terrified.

“Teaching you what’s it mean to touch my pet.” I smiled evilly,taking the grinder, I turned it on roaring it back to life.

“Please noo!!!” Sae pleaded shivering. He was trembling with fear as he stared at the grinder terrified
“Where should I start?” I asked smirking. “The fingers or wrist?”

Gulping, he stared terrified at the grinder.Sweat was dripping from his forehead. his body shivering as his eyes pleaded me to stop.

“Since I don’t have much time I’ll will just start from wrist.”

Picking up a napkin from the table I stuffed it in his mouth.He muffled out something from the napkin.

“It will help blocking your yelling.” The grinder roared as I placed three inches closer to his wrist.”Ready?”
He vigorously shock his head, a muffled scream escaping him.

“I will take it as yes.”

I put the grinder at his wrist, cutting into his flesh.The blood fluttered out, hitting our face.He started screaming and kicking which was useless. I countinue cutting his wrist untill I reached passed the bone,dismembering his hand from his arm.

Mori pov

Did i ever motioned how curel life is? I hate the way life laugh at us and mock us by drifting us in darkness.

After Churi confession that she Loves Micheal-sensei and he also love her, but because of society and Micheal-sensei sister Ruka they can’t be together. I feel sorry for them, being apart from your loving one isn’t easy. I can’t imagine my life without Jori.

Wait!What?What the hell i’m saying, seriously what’s wrong with me. First i’m being jealous of Shawn kissing Jori and now i’m talking nonsense.

It’s true that I like spending my time with her, but as friend, right? As friend, nothing more or less.

I banged my head on the table. seriously what’s wrong with me?Why i’m talking with myself?

Closing my book and shutting my lump, getting up I walked toward my bed and jumped in hiding under the blanket.

I moaned as my body relaxed. Finally time for rest. Goodbye world, gonne dream about Jori. I smiled but jolted up. What is wrong with me!!

Lazily I fell back on the bed and stared at the roof. My life changed ever since I transfered here. I wanna go back and have normal life.

Let’s sleep, I have school tomorrow, I closed my eyes trying to sleep, but failed. Thinking about her kiss, I grinned like idiot. I loved the way she kissed my forehead,

Okay, seriously let’s stop thinking about her and sleep. Forcefully I shut my eyes. Suddenly my Smart-phone runged causing me to growl and mentlly kill the him/her for running my sweet moment.

Lazily picking my Smart-phone I replied the call without caring to read caller ID.

“Hello!!” I replied annoyed.

“Mori!!” Men voice spooke through the phone.


“Are you Mori?” He asked. What in the world.


“Please come to the hospital, Jori needs you, it’s urgent.” I jolted up at the mention of her name. What happened to my Jori?

“WHAT HAPPENED TO HER??” I yelled into the phone.

“I can’t tell you here, please hurry! she keeps calling your name.”

Quickly hanging up the call, I jumped out of the bed and rushed out of the house.Unlocking my car door, I hopped in and started the engine, driving toward the hospital.
My heart kept pumping rapidly the whole time, fifteen minutes later I arrived the hospital. Parking my car in front of hospital,I dailed Jori’s number as I ran inside. After a few second, the same person from before picked up.


“I’m at the hospital,where are you?”

“At the second floor.” He replied.
I hung up and rushed to the elevator,clicking ‘up’ button.
The bell rung and the door opened. I ran inside and clicked number two button. 

The doors closes again and I felt the shaft move as I was taken to the second lever. The bell rung as the elevator stopped, as the door opened I walked out and found a men standing front the door.

“Mori?” He asked. I nodded my head.

“Where is Jori?” I asked concerned.

“Inside the emergency room, they are oprating her.” he replied poiniting at the emergency room.

“W-what happened?”

Jori pov

“Coach is there any strongest fighter available today?” I asked emotionless as my parents pleadds countinue flowing in my mind, I never felt this weak and angry before, not ever when my girlfriend died in car accident.

“There is one, but he is dangerous!!You may can get hurt badly.” My couch warned.

“Set him.” I damned without looking at him.


“Do it!” I’m tired of winning always, for once I want to lose, for once I want let someone beat me. I want to lose weight off my heart, I want to light it from the pain. I want to free myself.

As the announcer announced my name, I stood up letting black jacket slide down of my shoulders and fell on the ground.

“Jori!!” My coach called my name hoping I can change my mind, but I didn’t. Taking deep breath I walked greeting by crowd as they screamed my name.
Ignoring them I continue walking toward the cage and enter inside. My victim smirked at me. Closing my eyes I remembered my father eyes as they bored into mine with hope.

They begged me to save their company and reputation.They wanted me to marry Shawn so Ruka can help them. I wouldn’t mind helping my family but marrying someone I don’t love, I can’t accept, esecpially when my feeling getting stronger for Mori, I can’t accept their offer,but when it’s come to family we have to secrifice ourself for them, cuz we can’t hurt them.

A strong kick went flying to my jaw and I flew to the ground, without my relaiztion the fight had started. Jumping back up, I cleaned the dust off my arms and glared him.
Quickly he grabbed both my arms, sweeping me off my feet and pinning me to the ground. I ducked before grabbing his arm,twisting it. As he screamed in pain,I threw him over my shoulder. Her recovered fast and aimed for my legs.

I kicked him in the jaw and tried to punch his stomach,only to receive a punch to my own jaw.

I straightened myself up,holding my jaw as he raised to his feet.

He kicked toward me,but I avoided his attack and countered by grabbing his foot,but he turned his feet and back flip kicked me again in the jaw.

Hissing in pain I tried to recover but he balled up his fist up and started throwing multiple punches at me. I let him continue to punch me as bruises developed on my face.

After a while, I started to feel dizzy. My vision blurred and I slowly collapsed as I started seeing stars circling over my head.

I can hear the crowd yelling for me to get up and finish him. But I remained still, my eyeslids growing heavier. I come back to reality when I feel a strong kick at my ribs.

Groaning in pain, I rolled over as he kicked my ribs again and again. Grabbing my by my hairs he stood me up and slammed me against the steel bar. He rushed towards me he kicked my stomach with full force, I let out painfull scream as I felt my ribs break and pierce my liver.

I vomited blood, holding my stomach as my body slide down, hitting the floor I blacked out.

Mori pov

Impatiently we waited for the doctor to finish surgery.drop of tears fell of my eyes as I thought about Jori pain, I can’t forgive those who hurt her.

I wanted to be there for her,to hug her and comfort her. I wanted to be there for her, I really wanted be there for her.

Jori,I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me most.

Suddenly emergency-room door opened gaining our attention toward it.

Jori’s coach quickly approached the doctor and asked for her condition.

“Doctor how is she?”he asked with hope.

Taking his mask and gloves off he spooke. “We did our best to save her,but i’m afraid that her broken ribs have punctured her liver.” He pasued for moment and spoke.”She needs a liver transplant as soon as possible,or we can lose her.”

My eyes widened in fear of losing her. No!I can’t lose her,even if it mean to give her my liver,I will do anything to save her.

“We need to find someone whose organ matches hers.” The doctor said.

“Then let her have mine.” I said without second of thought.

Sakura pov

I groan loudly as I feel the sun peeping through my curtains and down on my face, I rolled over so my back was to the window and opened my eyes coming face to face with Akira, I jumped slightly momentarily forgetting that she slept on my bed last night since she had nighmare.
I closed my eyes and lifted my hands to my face rubbing at my eyes a sigh escaping my lips.

“Will you stop making so much noise, all night I can’t able to sleep because of your maoning.” Akira mumbles beside me.

“What??” I arched brow confusedly.

“If you miss her that why you don’t sleep in her house?”

“What are you talking about?”

Raising her head Akira smirked at me. “Ah Kumi~ please stop someone gonna watch us!Let’s not do it here.” She mocked.

 My eyes widened as I blushed hard. Quickly jumping out the bed I ran to the bathroom, I can hear Akira laugh behind, sighing I turned bathroom light on and walked over to the mirror above the sink starring at my reflection.

I don’t regards about last night, because I like the feeling the way she touched me and kissed me, I never like this before with anyone, It felt right, but deep down I still feel hurt because of shawn, I wonder what cause him to cheat on me. Is that have something to do with Ruka? If it is I swear I will kill her.

Sighing I turned on the hot tap filling the sink with water, bending down over the sink i scooped the water into my hands splashing it onto my face washing my face.
 Picking up a towel from the handrail, I dried my face, before picking up my toothbrush and brushing my teeth.

After finished cleaning myself I walked back to my bedroom, Akira had already gone to her room probably to get for school, walking to the closet I rummaged through my wardrobe grabbing black ripped skinny jeans, a black vest and long sleeved lace shirt, putting my clothes om, I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine.
I sat down at my dining table, my hands wrapped around my coffee mug as I stared at the flowers on my kitchen window. As my mind wandered to the kiss that we shared last, I closed my eyes still feeling her lips on mine.

“I’m going to school, while you dream about her.”Akira joked, I can feel her smirking.

“Be careful.”Nodding she headed out.

What should I do? Sighing in frustration I stood up making my way over the sink, rinsing my mug and placing it in the sink to be washed properly later.

 I walked to the bedroom to take my things, grabbing my car key and some paper I made my way outside.

Locking my house I turned around I jumped as I come to face at lady.Who were stood front me chewing her gum she stared me from head to toe.

“How can I help you?” I asked tilting my head aside.

She chuckled spitting gum out. “Well you can help me in many way.” Smirking she took out the electronic gun and shoot me with it.

Taro pov

Did I ever told you guys, how much I hate hospital. The only thing I hate about hospital is white color, everything is white here, brightness is my biggest enemy.

I want to recover fast and get the hell out of here, god please heal me fast, I beg you. As I was playing candy crash to pass some time, the door opened, relieiving our class president in while holding white flower, I rolled my eyes, another white. Smiling she put the flower into the vase and sat beside me.

Okay,that’s weird! I forced smile at her which she replied with smirk and touched my forehead.

“W-what are you doing ?” I asked slapping her hand away.

“Tell me that bastard name, I will kill them.” She asked in serious tone, I shivered.

“There is no need for that I can handle them.” I replied calmly even though I’m scared bit, her Aura is strong it remind me of someone.

She arched her brow as her eyes bored into my looking into my soul, I glupped and looked away trying to avoid her gaza.
“Wanna hang-out?” She asked. 

Well that’s weird, I barely know her yet she asking me to hang-out, there is no way I will hang-out with her.

“Sure, is there any good place you want to visit?” She smiled widenly even surprising me, I never saw her smiling before, only smirking.

“There is many place I want to visit, especially with you.” She murmured last line. Another weird person.

I forced smile again and try to get up but she stopped me. “You are injuired, I will pick you up.” 

Wait!What?? Pick me up!! I’m not baby!!

Gently she put her left hand under my legs and right hand on my back and picked me up easily. I gasped at her strength.

What in the world is going on? Is this real or some kind of horror dream.

Silently we made out, reaching over her car, she unlocked her car and asked me to open the passenger door. 

Since were holding me I opened the door for as she put me and and shut the door, walking toward the driver seat she hopped in.

Smiling at me she started her engine and roared her car. God please help me, where did I put myself in.

“So where are we going?’ I asked as my eyes roamed around the street reading all the street board since i’m worried for my safety.

“At my house.”

“WHAT??” I asked absolutely shocked. Oh god don’t tell me, she plaining on killing me in her house. Why in the world I agreed to hang-out with her in first place.

“Relax!” She put her hand on my knee and gave gentl squeez. “I want you to meet my parents.”
Now that’s new, what in the world make her believe I would like to meet her parents? And we barely knew each other yet she taking me to her house. Does she have some kind of mently problem or what.

“You are staring.” She stated. I quickly turned my face away and looked out through the window. I can feel her smirking in my mind.
I may had fallen sleep, cuz I feel her shaking me gently, opening my eyes I yawned and moaned.

“We are here.” Her voice brought me back to reality, I can’t believe I slept and let her kidnap me.

After walking out of the car first thing I did was to look around and make sure I’m safe. 

But as soon my eyes caught at Yankees who were holding gun and gaurding her house, I smiled. I’m safe as hell, as long i’m here nobody can touch me.
“I can walk.” I said as Kahi were about to pick me. “I’m fine.”

Suspiciously she stared me. “Okay, if you can’t walk anymore tell me.” She offered gently.

It’s normal to take care of your dinner in beginning, but in the end they kill him. We continue walking until we reach at the beautiful garden where I caught beautiful lady sitting on the chair sipping her tea.

Kahi approached her and kissed her cheeks. “Mom, look who i brought home.” She pointed at me.

Her mother turned her head around and looked at me, her smile widened as if i’m some kind of diamond.

“Ah, it’s nice to finally see you.” Smiling she walked toward me and surprised me with bear hug, I blinked confusedly. “My daughter always talks about you.”

 Her eyes sparkled as she looked me. I smiled awakwardly. What’s going on?

“It’s nice to meet you too Ma’am.” I politely replied.

“You can call Yuihanor mother, will be fine too, after you are family.”

I stared at her confusedly,family? What in the world, don’t tell me, It’s Ruka doing again? Oh wait i don’t think she even know Ruka, because I know all those rich people who work with Ruka.

“What would you like to drink?”Yuihan asked.

“Thanks but I have to go back, since I’m still patient.” I have to get out off her.

“Don’t worry about that, I already had called your doctor here, and your room is ready too where you can have rest.” Yuihan explained.

What? No!!Please god save me, I beg you, I know i’m bad person but still i don’t dserve this horrible death.

“Kahi why you don’t show her around.” Her mother said smiling.